Six features, 30 short films selected for Klamath Independent Film Festival

Six features, 30 short films selected for Klamath Independent Film Festival

KIFF 2020 announces Made-in-Oregon films to be featured

Following months of filmmaker submissions and careful review and debate by multiple judging panels, a total of 36 films between shorts and feature-length films have been selected to be shown at the eighth annual Klamath Independent Film Festival.

Submissions were accepted from February through mid-June, welcoming films made in the State of Oregon or by Oregon filmmakers produced Jan. 1, 2019 or sooner. Films were split into categories, first by region (Northern Oregon, Southern Oregon) and then by length. Films in excess of 40-minutes were selected as featured, under 40 were shorts. An additional category was set aside for films created by K-12 students.

Following several judge review panels, the final selections span professional and amateur filmmakers, students, first-time filmmakers, documentaries, and narrative films.

The annual Klamath Independent Film Festival will take place Sept. 18-20, 2020, scheduled to be held at The Ross Ragland Theater and Pelican Cinemas in Klamath Falls, Ore. Organizers are also planning for a potential forced move to a virtual platform to present the festival in alignment with other festivals, should COVID-19 trends force further crowd restrictions.

Out-of-town filmmakers can receive a discount on hotel rooms through a partnership with Cerulean Hotel.

The winning films, according to a judging panel vote, will receive a cash prize, as well as custom hand-carved awards by the Southern Cascade Woodworkers Guild. Award-winning films will be announced at the conclusion of the festival in the following categories:
-Best Southern Feature
-Best Northern Feature
-Best Southern Short
-Best Northern Short
-Best K-12 Student Film

A full schedule and ticket sales information will be published at a later date.


The Last Blockbuster
1 Dead Dog
At the Video Store
Frank & Zed
This is Tim: A Musical Life

Tommy Joins a Cult
The Inbetween
Racing Thoughts
The Sandcastle

The Legend of Grayson Crockett
How to Bend Concrete in 108 Easy Steps
Myosotis Love
Alice in Nite Hawk
Karaoke People
Cooped Up
32 Goldfish
The Other Border
The Spooky Girls: Before the Fall Preludes
Happenstance: The Funeral

The Monument
The Other Side of the Hill
A Weeping in the Woods
Bird of Greed
Escaping a Communist Paradise
High School Reflections 2019
A Friend of Mine
A Key to Memory
Way to Go!
The Caretaker
The Puzzle
Solid Ground

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