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"To build, promote, and support an industry of local/regional filmmaking in and around Klamath Falls, Oregon."

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Klamath Film is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit which relies on grants, donations, volunteers, and of course the success of our events to support our continued operation. Our mission not only includes bringing in independent film entertainment for our community, but nurturing filmmaking right here in the Klamath Basin, including improving the pathway for more Hollywood films such as the "Brother Nature" production of a few years ago.

Projects like "Brother Nature" bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars to our local economy, as well as the prestige of having a Hollywood production, and our region being featured on-screen in a worldwide distributed medium. Events such as our annual Klamath Independent Film Festival (KIFF) also put our region on screen, and stimulate our local economy through filmmaking and event production itself. Almost half of KIFF2017's budget went right back to local businesses for products and services, and about $5000 was made available to independent filmmakers and related artists through KIFF media work and festival prizes. So, your donations come back to us all, several times over!

You may make a donation through the PayPal link below, or you can Contact Us to make a direct donation. Remember, your donation is tax deductable due to our 501(c)(3) status!


If you make a donation to us, the Oregon Cultural Trust provides a way for you to direct a donation to the Trust and take a credit on your Oregon taxes, which pays you back for your donation up to a $500 credit!

Basically, let's say you make a donation of any amount to us. You can then make a matching donation to the Oregon Cultural Trust, but then take a credit for that matching donation on your Oregon taxes (up to $500), meaning your donation to the Trust doesn't actually cost you anything. It's a roundabout way of telling the State you want to give part of your regular tax payment to the Trust instead!

The Oregon Cultural Trust is a donation supported fund from individuals and organzations who want to directly support arts and culture in Oregon. It is a very generous fund which puts millions back into arts and culture programs throughout Oregon every year, including a large sum to various Klamath events, such as our own Klamath Independent Film Festival. The best part is, for those of us who love the arts and prefer to tell the government where we want our tax dollars to go, this is a no-cost way to redirect where our taxes go.

For information on how the credit works, see: http://culturaltrust.org/resources/faq/. For more about the Oregon Cultural Trust, click on the banner below:

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