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New $100 student prize category for KIFF2018. See below!

New student prizes for KIFF2018!

KIFF is introducing a new $100 prize category for student films! To be eligible students must be K-12, and residents of counties on the Oregon/California border (Our "Regional Student Short" category...Curry, Josephine, Jackson, Klamath, and Lake counties in Oregon or Del Norte, Siskiyou, and Modoc counties in California), or residents elsewhere in Oregon (our "Oregon Statewide Student Short" category). Films must be less than 5 minutes in length and meet all other regular KIFF guidelines (completed after January 1, 2017, etc.).

We are doubly reminding submitters, you must have the proper rights to use all content in your films. As an example, owning a CD or track, or finding it on YouTube is not the proper license to use it in film. For more information, contact us. We want to help you get your film on the big screen!

KIFF2018: Oregon's premier all-genre, Oregon-centric film festival!

Submissions open January 1, 2018. More than $1500 in total awards and you can submit for free!

The 6th annual Klamath Independent Film Festival picks up right where we left off, continuing our run as the premier all-genre, Oregon-centric film festival.

This year's opening night feature film will be preceded by a gala with a variety of hors d'ouvres and local beers/wine, then roll through our 3 day weekend event with shorts and features from Oregon & Northern California filmmakers, or films shot predominantly in our region from filmmakers anywhere in the world. Yes, there will be audience/filmmaker Q&As again, and we are still thinking up some other surprises as we bring more to the KIFF experience every year, but right's time to bring us your films!

Submissions for KIFF2018 open January 1, 2018. This year's deadline has been moved forward a month to June 1, 2018, to give us more time to promote our program...and you! Mark your calendar so you don't miss it! Submissions will be taken through our FilmFreeway page, where you can also read up on our guidelines, and of course the prizes we award.

Oh, and as long as your film is eligible for our festival, we will give you a waiver to submit for free. That's right...we award filmmakers (more than $1500 in total awards) and you can submit for free (contact us about fee waivers). No risk, all reward...and just for submitting, we will make sure you get some tickets to the festival whether your film is selected or not, because we want to bring filmmakers together! So what are you waiting for?

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This project is supported in part by a grant
from the Klamath County Cultural Coalition



We are in the early stages of this year's sponsor run. If you or your business would like to support local/regional independent filmmaking, and bringing in additional independent films to our community through sponsorship, we welcome you to contact us.


KIFF2018 is tentatively scheduled for September 14-16, 2018. Tickets are not yet available.

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