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Oregon Governor's Office of Film and Television
Klamath County Chamber of Commerce

We are in the early stages of this year's sponsor run. If you or your business would like to support local/regional independent filmmaking, and bringing in additional independent films to our community through sponsorship, we welcome you to contact us.

KIFF2017: 5th Annual Klamath Independent Film Festival details

The Klamath Independent Film Festival continues to grow, grow, grow by expanding statewide!

The 5th annual Klamath Independent Film Festival will once again open at the Ross Ragland Theater in Klamath Falls, Oregon, with opening night dinner/gala festivities and an exclusive feature film, then carry over to Coming Attractions' Pelican Cinema, all in the Fall of 2017. The Ross Ragland Theater is an 800 seat, genuine Art Deco movie theater renovated beautifully to serve as Klamath Falls' cultural arts center, while Pelican Cinema completes our festival theatre experience with all your movie-going concessions and amenities.

This year the festival adds a features and shorts program from throughout the State of Oregon, in addition to our local/regional programming which also includes the California Counties on the Oregon border, as part of this multi-day Klamath cultural event.

We are now acepting submissions through FilmFreeway. Please click the FilmFreeway link for all the details...and be sure to check out our KIFF2017 Theater Trailer Contest below!

For additional information Contact Us.

KIFF2017: Theater Trailer Screenwriting Contest!!

Coming Attractions audiences are about to see your work!

This year's Klamath Independent Film Festival will be hosted in part at the Ross Ragland Theater, and at Coming Attractions' Pelican Cinema in Klamath Falls. In the weeks leading up to the festival this Fall, we will be running a series of promotional trailers through regional Coming Attractions Theatres; currently Pelican Cinema in Klamath Falls, Varsity Theatre and Ashland Street Cinema in Ashland, SouthGate Cinema in Grants Pass, Crescent City Cinema and Mt. Shasta Cinema in California.

We want the audience's attention to be drawn into the trailers as though they are previews for actual movies...a fictional scene or short film, or "mock" movie trailer, all with production values comparable to an A-list film...and are reaching out to all you filmmakers and/or screenwriters for ideas, in the form of a shooting script. Our promotional trailers will be selected from your submissions, and you may even get the call to direct/produce your idea itself! The trailers we choose will run before ALL movies in each selected cinema. That's right, your trailer could be seen before Hollywood features running in the weeks ahead of KIFF2017!

KIFF organizers are also eligible to submit, but submitting organizers will be excluded from voting for the winning scripts.

Details are as follows...

  1. Each "trailer" should be a roughly 2 minute fictional short film or mock trailer in which the "surprise" promotes the Klamath Independent Film Festival. Maybe a detainee is being interrogated for...the location of their tickets to the Klamath Independent Film Festival. Or in a touching, teary moment of gift giving, someone to the Klamath Independent Film Festival. See where we're going with this? Thriller, drama, action, choose, but think of KIFF as your MacGuffin! There is no limit to the number of submissions. If you have more than one idea, give us all you've got!
  2. Whatever you do, keep it to PG or tamer.
  3. Yes, we want quality production values, but we also aren't Hollywood funded, so massive explosions, CG armies, etc. are probably not going to happen...unless you've got it figured how we can pull it off! Write something which can be reasonably produced with quality, with the kind of budget which...well...we're all used to.
  4. Please provide your script in the form of a shooting script. We want to see your vision for how it will take place on directions, etc. It doesn't have to be perfect, and we may or may not shoot it exactly as directions indicate, but it will give you a better shot to help us see what you envision.
  5. We know many of you are directors, and we will bear that in mind when we put together teams to produce the selected scripts. Hint hint: if any of you seasoned directors/cast/crew out there are interested in helping film the winning selections whether they are yours or not, please let us know.
  6. However many trailers we choose, will be evenly split among movies at each theatre, meaning if we run 3 trailers, each will run ahead of 1/3 of the movies showing, for variety to our audiences.
  7. Lastly, scripts are due by March 31st, 2017. We aren't saying April 1st, because this is no joke! Please email submissions to with "KIFF2017 Theater Trailer Screenwriting Contest" in the subject line.

For additional information Contact Us.