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Full Version: Filming Ross Ragland's Rendition of Miracle on 34th Street
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I talked with Kathleen Adams and Mark McCreary (or however his name is spelt, I am awful at spelling), the director of Miracle on 34th Street and the director of the Ragland respectively, and they would be thrilled if we film Miracle on 34th Street for sale. Mark said we should charge $10 over $8 because people will buy it at that price, especially the parents.

Now we just need people to operate the cameras. I want Kegan involved because he has the same, or at least a very similar, camera to what I have, so he would know how to operate the cameras. I am thinking we would want at least one static shot depicting the entire stage so who ever edits can have something to fall back on. I would be willing to edit, although I plan on audition for Linkville's next production, so I may not be able to. I know Matt can edit it, too, so, if he does not mind and if I cannot edit, he could tackle the editing. Would you be up for doing that, Matt?

The play is scheduled to be December 13th through 16th with performances at 7:30 on the 13th (Thursday), 14th (Friday), and 15th (Saturday) and 2:00 on the 16th (the Packers visit the Bears). I would like all people interested who work to make an effort to have at least one of those nights open to do the filming.
Thanks for talking to Kathleen and Mark about it. We are definitely going to want to have someone there shooting every show...4 is good but we don't want to miss any.

I have no idea what my availability might be, but Friday night and Sunday afternoon may be a possibility.

Jesse Widener
Yeah I'm pretty much completely free from December 8th to early Janurary, I can shoot on all of the dates. I would like to edit this, I want the experience/practice and it's a good project for my winter break. Ridiculous unforeseen circumstance aside I could easily get it edited within a week of the last performance. I haven't edited anything in a while but I have edited an event at the Ross Ragland in the past (much smaller than I imagine this will be, but I used two cameras and a direct audio recording form the sound system, so it was at least somewhat similar).
Jesse, if you cannot make it more than just those two performances, I would not worry about it, unless we do not get anyone else.

Matt, sounds good. You may edit this play. That is fine by me. Now we just need a second cameraman for the days Jesse cannot make it.

For filming this, I would do stationary shots the first night to get a feel for what it is like and to have something to fall back on if need be and then doing more dynamic shots the other three performances. If you want to do dynamic shots every night, I fear the first night's shots would be not very useful because you would not have a feel for the play yet and, thus, would not know where to point the camera for each scene and risk losing some of the action.
Sounds good, I'm thinking I should go to a dress rehearsal or two to get the feel of the play before I film the real performance. Also someone needs to make sure we have audio set up and ready to go, I'd volunteer but I have limited experience with Sound recording.
We should have two people ready/willing to shoot every performance at the very least, in case something comes up and one suddenly can't make it. It is especially important we do what we set out to do on this as anything less would be a mark against our credibility to the Ragland for the film festival. Three wouldn't hurt (if we have two cameras to use) and of course it would be a valuable learning experience for anyone to be at, look over the shoulder of, take turns in, etc.

Justin sounded keen to take care of the audio end...though he apparently has limited internet access so some communication will be in order.

Matt, no problem with you editing. If you have any questions along the way or want some feedback during editing, feel free to ask me or Jason.

I will get a DVD of the Footloose production to Mark McCrary so he and the director of Miracle on 34th Street can view our work. We gave the Ragland a copy previously, but apparently it didn't make its way to Mark's desk.

In post, I can at least cut DVD sleeves, print labels and assemble. It wouldn't take much of my time.

Jesse Widener
Matt, that sounds like a good idea. We will need at least one other person to commit, as well.
I delivered another copy of the Footloose DVD to the Ragland, this time to Mark personally. Kathleen was there as well. They will give it a view.

In addition to the 4 performances, it would be valuable to "spot" the show on one of the last rehearsals as well. No need to record it but having a camera on hand to practice capturing/following the action to get a sense of where the challenges will be, would give whoever shoots it a leg up on planning it.

Kathleen and Mark asked if we would be tapping into the sound board to which I responded affirmatively. It would be great to get Justin's involvement on that end.

Jesse Widener
Am I correct that Kegan's is the only decent camera we are going to have, and do we have confirmation that Kegan will be there and/or allow us the use of his camera? Shooting this project hinges on being able to shoot it.

Jesse Widener
I'll ask Kegan tomorrow at OIT or Saturday when we're filming.
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