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Full Version: Filming 'Les Miserables' at the Ragland
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Per our discussion at the July monthly meeting, I will get to the Ragland some time this week with my D600 to scope it out. If all goes well as I assume it will, I will set up a time to meet with Matt, Kegan and David for rehearsals to instruct on using the camera(s). I will be camera A at all shows we attend. Matt and Kegan will take 2 shows apiece, with David observing.

As I work on Saturdays, we will aim to be at the opening performance next Friday the 2nd before 7pm, then Sunday the 4th by 2pm. We wll shoot at least two other shows the following week TBD.

Jesse Widener
I just returned from a rehearsal at the Ragland. I have a couple hours of video to review before next week when I will set up times to meet Kegan and Matt there. I strongly suggest we meet for two rehearsals, and I will try to have two cameras ready to train at them.

The show will be around 3 hours according to the director. It looks good...a lot going on. I will set camera Bs on two different wides and take the zoom myself on camera A as it will be more complicated. We may also need a power strip at the actual shows to ensure I can keep batteries charged.

Steve suggested just using the built in mics of the Tascam along with an XLR feed from the board instead of setting up additional mics. After conferring with him, it would be simpler, and I will bring an extra tripod to get the recorder away from immediate audience members...may need to borrow a larger SD card for it as mine will be in cameras...unless I can find my 8GB I misplaced somewhere.

The show IS almost entirely music...actually, it is entirely sung, but there is some recititave without background music which could be an edit point. There are still other opportunities to edit right in the middle of a song, but we will see how deft the editors feel about it.

They were fidgeting with the lighting quite a bit, but I am narrowing down settings for the easiest shooting for all involved.

Jesse Widener
I will contact Matt, Kegan and David for their availability, but here is how I'd like to schedule this thing...

It is preferable to see 2 rehearsals, because of the complexity of the show and getting used to the camera. I would like to at least run through 2 rehearsals with Kegan next week, with David observing at least one (David is backup on this one and will look over our shoulders on the process). Then I would like Kegan to shoot with me on Friday's opening, and Sundays performance. Matt still needs to edit The Little Mermaid (and my goal is to get him the completed audio tonight), so if he wants to join Kegan and I at a rehearsal next week, great, but we can put off rehearsing with Matt until the following week so he is uninterrupted for editing The Little Mermaid. Then Matt and I can shoot 2 days of the last round of shows, to be determined closer to show time.

Jesse Widener
I will be at the Ragland tonight ~6pm-9pmish, hopefully with Kegan and David in tow to get familiar with the cameras.

Given the effort and equipment into this production, in addition to its running length which will require dual layer discs I suggest we bump our sale price by $1 to $13.

Jesse Widener
I'm available to film this weekend as well if needed.
Much appreciated Wayne, and I'd like to take advantage of you because I think it's going to be a challenging show to film, but we are trying out some high-end cameras and lenses (lenses and one camera which are mine, the other is Ryan's for which I am responsible) and I am not comfortable having that gear out without being there. I do recommend seeing the show though; it should be a good production.

An update on the shooting production itself, we didn't get an audio signal via XLR last night but Steve Ayola at the Ragland helped get it going today. Many thanks to Steve.

Jesse Widener
Kegan and I shot last night's show. It was tightened up quite a bit even from the rehearsal a few nights ago. Running time was 3 hours or less...and that was with the intermission included.

I was happy with 60-70% of what I shot, which is pretty good. I will shoot 3-4 more. I am still zeroing in the best white balance for the show. It is extremely warm-lit, which is one thing for clothes and faces stylistically, but a whole other oddity when an object we expect to be a certain color...a grey stone wall...is purple. I am going with a white balance which leaves it generally warm, but a degree or two cooler than the live stage show. From there we can lean more one way or the other if we choose.

Exposure is tricky in a few places due to the sudden amount of light change, particularly in a scene of two in which it occurs without a break to hide the exposure adjustment.

While I am usually against setting up a camera to capture a complete stage view of a whole show, because I think it is generally uselessly wide and the subjects too small, I may run a show with just the 20mm set up near center of the board to capture the whole stage for a couple scenes/shots.

Jesse Widener
Filming for Les Mis has wrapped. I believe we have the footage we need to put this together. I will be editing the first half, while Kegan and Matt split the second half. I will get files to them in the next couple days. We are just about done with The Little Mermaid...then I will be on Les Mis.

Sales look to be our best so far on this one.

Jesse Widener
I just reviewed some of the footage. It looks really good, especially considering the difficulty of the program...and that is my perfectionism understating. I am impressed with how it turned out. The low-light, the exposure changes, etc...the D600 was a champ.

I think I am really going to enjoy this edit...I think Matt and Kegan will be surprised how good it looks as well.

Jesse Widener
Haven't seen the footage but I could tell from filming it that the lighting was great, a lot of it looked better on camera than on stage.
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