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Full Version: Workshop - Filmmaking with Digital SLR Cameras
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Former Riverside Elementary School 707 Cypress Street, up the hill past the Favell Museum - Monday January 19, 2015. 6PM-8PM.

As part of our ongoing filmmaking workshop series, local filmmaker Jesse Widener will discuss and demonstrate the use of digital SLR cameras in filmmaking. Discussion will include the mechanics of how DSLR cameras work and how the filmmaker can achieve a particular look or capture scenes under various conditions.

Jesse Widener is an experienced photographer, whose photographs can be seen on display at Gallerie Karon in Ashland, Oregon. His notable film work includes "Glacier" and "Roll" exhibited at the 2013 Klamath Independent Film Festival, and KIFF 2014's "Bare the Sun", which won the Jury Runner-Up prize.
Anything we need to bring with us for the workshop? Such as our cameras or laptop computers?
Go ahead and bring your camera. The computer shouldn't be necessary for this one.

...and a reminder to all, 2015 membership dues are due.

I've completed my rough outline and found some good video examples to mix in. I am going to start working with the Group's TV but plan to run my laptop through it as well as run at least my D600 and hopefully the D3200 for a few 'live' demos.

I will be making some use of the chalkboard (or a white board if Art has one...cheap Group purchase we should consider, btw), will try to bring the dolly, stabilizer and crane/jib for a brief cameo, and if we have time I will do a shot-by-shot discussion of 'Bare the Sun' to explain my shot choices/settings.

Posted a reminder on FB. Cliff said that Jon is going to attend :-)

Apparently we got a mention in the Herald & News, but they got the address wrong, which Art asked them to correct. I also submitted the event to their community calendar yesterday but haven't seen it show up yet. Lastly, I emailed OTB.

Thank you all who showed up for this event. Hopefully the biggest takeaway was there are a lot of choices you, as the filmmaker, have control over to set the look of your film. Like anything there are basics to learn, but once you are familiar with them you are enabled to really approach each shot with an understanding how to shape the reality to what you have in mind!

One side note...I wish we'd had time for me to do a bit more practical demonstration of finding your exposure, pre-focusing your shot, etc. in a live setting, but there was a lot of information to get out. If anyone wants to get together for some practice shooting "real world" conditions, we might be able to set up an hour or so to meet somewhere, outdoors or in, for you to get a feel for adjusting your settings to live conditions.