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Harlan Drive
Hello everyone, I am new to this group and am ECSTATIC that such a group exists in K-Flats.

A little introduction about myself... I am 25, went to Mazama with Jason and Cliff, and have a 3 year old son and my wife is pregnant with our second child! I attended OIT for 3 years before changing the direction of my life, I decided to follow my passion for comic books and started going to college for comic book writing, lettering and editing. I got my first gig as an intern with Blackline Comics and before long I got a job as an Editor and once the EIC was fired I was promoted to EIC (less then 4 months). I worked for them for a bit before stepping down to pursue my dreams of writing comics, recently I have gotten two books picked up by publishers and a third is in talks. Since the books were picked up recently the art team is working fiercely to catch up so we can release the books in 2013. One book in particular is called LINKVILLE, which is a zombie graphic novel. And that leads me into HARLAN DRIVE.

Harland Drive is a prequel to the graphic novel, it explains how the characters in the story ended up in the middle of the Cascades (where Linkville begins). I talked to by publisher and asked if they were interested in branching into the comic-book-movie-explosion... and he said yes! So I sent him the first draft of the script and me and my buddy are pushing through the second draft. This man has some serious connections and can really push this movie if it gets picked up. Now its just the matter of writing the script (which is the best part in my opinion).

So my question is this... zombie makeup, who knows how to do it? I don't want the majority of the budget going to someone to do it, this will still be an indie movie and I can't imagine the budget focusing on this issue... but still without proper zombie makeup, the movie will sink. Suggestions?

Thanks everyone who reads this!
Glad to see you posting here, man. Smile
I've looked into how to do some pretty awesome zombie makeup, but have never done it myself. If you haven't before, look at Indy Mogul's BFX videos on zombie makeup on YouTube. Everthing they do (well,mostly) is within a $100 budget.
"Our films don't get finished, they just get released."
John Lasseter
Thanks Cliff! I already started searching some of their videos on YouTube and appreciate the suggestion! Which brings me to another question, hopefully someone knows the answer to... A couple years ago some friends of mine and I created a short 3 minute zombie movie for George A. Romeros film contest (we got 10th place... which is awesome!) and when we were doing the zombie makeup we watched a video on some indy website ran by some guys, very similar to indy mogul, and it would be nice if anyone knew of what the site was so i can find it again :-)

Hello Mike.

I haven't looked into zombie makeup so I haven't any suggestions at this time but wanted to welcome you. It's great to hear from other K-Fallsians who've had success in their various interests. If there is anything the Group can help you with, just let us know. It can never hurt to ask.

As far as indy effects sites, there are likely dozens of them out there and I can't remember one from another but will keep an eye out. Welcome to the Klamath Film Makers Group.

Jesse Widener
Art and Structure design studio -
Thanks Jesse,

I spent some time on good ol' YouTube last night watching various videos from the group... had a good time doing so. I hope that I can lend a hand in the future with some projects. Just throwing this out there, but why hasn't this group produced a "Music Video" for a local band? It would be another way to visually tell a story and could help learn a different aspect of filming.

Mike Salt
Welcome Mike,
Sorry, I don't have your answers either, but keep posting eventually we may be able to help.
If I could find a band would anyone else be interested in shooting a video? Does anyone else know of a band to shoot?

We've actually considered making a music video, we just haven't done one or been asked yet. I would be a good way to be abstract/arty within a manageable format.

Jesse Widener
Art and Structure design studio -
Im sure any local band or artist would jump on the idea without hesitation... I haven't really been around the music scene in town for 5 years so I don't know if there is many local bands that are any good! But still would be fun!
While it wasn't for a movie, I I have a large bag full of torn up clothes I used for the Portland Zombie Walk. I don't really know how to do rotting flesh/wounds, but I can make fairly realistic looking fake blood.
Thanks man, I'd appreciate that. I'll keep that in mind when we start the pre-production phase.

Like I said earlier we made a horrible indie short for a George A. Romero contest and we made some fake blood with corn syrup and Hershey chocolate and red food dye. Is that similar to what you use?

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