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Muuurder Mystery!
Back in July of 2011, I decided the group needed to make a film, so I sought to remake a sketch I originally wrote for Oregon Technical Broadcasting (OTB). Tom was kind enough to post a small casting call in the Linkville Players Facebook page, and I got Ashley Kerzel and Michael House involved, and I pulled from KFMG and got Julie Ekman-Sayer, Cliff and Pat to act and Tyler, Pat and Andy to be crew.

Here be the sketch:

It took about 90 minutes to film and then about 180 minutes to edit. I did make two goofs at the end, but I will let you spot them. This version is miles better than the OTB version. It could be because I tightened the script for the remake. Muuurder Mystery! could be better because I had better actors. I am not exactly sure, but I much prefer this product.

Be warned, there is some foul language, but nothing extreme.

Film Details:
Muuurder Mystery! is six minutes and 20 seconds.

We filmed at Ashley Kerzel's sister's place.

Patrick Finnegan
Jewelz Ekman-Sayer
Jason Boese
Ashley Kerzel
Michael House
Cliff Foster

Producer: Jason Boese
Director: Jason Boese
Writer: Jason Boese
Editor: Jason Boese
Cameramen: Patrick Finnegan, Tyler Harris
Script Supervisor: Andy Meeds
Music by: Akira Ifukube

Ban reason: Continued bashing of others only hinders you. Please just make films! (Permanent)

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