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Zombies Say Hella - Redux
You know I've never even thought of having it remade... I honestly feel that it could be way better. And it would be helpful getting some of the kinks out before I go all out for Harlan Drive.

Jason and Wayne, let me get things together and reshoot it! I would really like to do it again, its only a 3 minute movie so it shouldn't take too long!
One of Cliff's initial interests in having a group like this was to do short films as an exercise to try something later to be used in a larger scale film. A remake of this, or something like it, would be a good way to test out zombie makeup.

I might be willing to be zombified for this short.


Jesse Widener
Art and Structure design studio -
I'm 100% down for this... I'm thinking it would be an expanded remake. Make it a little longer than 3 minutes. Thoughts on that?

Jesse you would make a good roommate!

The thing I like about this idea is that there is a wider range of people involved in this project. In our video we had limited resources so we had to ask our friends to jump in and help... which meant there was no range of age. All the zombies were college student age.

The only thing I can see being a problem is the actual house the roommates live in... It would have to look like something a college group would be living in.
If anyone wants to text me sometime and talk about this project my number is (private message me)
It would be nice to be able to talk about this when im away from my computer too, seeing how we all probably have jobs ha
I don't know, my acting skills may be better suited to being a zombie. I haven't spent much time in front of the camera. I believe I can get there. I don't think I am there yet.

Also, bear in mind this forum is available for anyone to read without signing up, so your phone number is visible to the world, including spammers. If it were me I'd tell people they can text me and send them my number via a private message if they are interested.

Jesse Widener
Art and Structure design studio -
Dully noted!

Well regardless, I think this is a great idea and feel stupid that i didn't think of it in the first place hahaha.

It will really help me get ready for Harlan Drive!
I got the impression you wanted to remake it, which is why I said that, but if you want to do a smaller film before Harlan Drive, such as Zombies Say Hella or another zombie-themed film, I would love to help out. I cannot do makeup, but I have a good eye for shots and I have some acting prowess.
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Thanks Jason! I think I want to reshoot this and also shoot another before doing Harlan Drive!

We are going to need some help in this to make it actually worth doing! I want this to be as legit as possible!
No problem. Bring it to the next meeting and, hopefully, we can get it going. Have you directed anything before? What sort of help are you looking for? I know you want someone to do zombie makeup. What else do you need?
Ban reason: Continued bashing of others only hinders you. Please just make films! (Permanent)
Haha well here is where I stand on zombie makeup for the remake...

I don't want much for zombie make up (I put waaaaay too much thought into this by the way), because my belief would be that there would not be too much decay or messed up features that early into the infection. Since ZSH takes place day 1, there should be maybe some blood on the face from biting, bullet holes in shirts, etc etc.

What I'll really need help with is acting. I acted in the original, I don't think I can act in the remake... I'm just not an actor (i'm the guy in the white shirt who says f*** like 80 times lol). If I have to, I will act, but lets try and avoid it. I need a good location because there is no way I can talk my wife into letting me redecorating the house to look like a bachelor pad haha. Editing will be fine, I have a friend who went to school for audio and can handle that, blood splatter and fake blood is good, I have two (shitty) cameras that'll do the job with color correcting.
So some advice is needed so I can get this rewritten soon. I want to expand the movie from 3 to 6, I want to add in a female character (who ive already got for the part) and I want to give her some actual air time and have a good extended scene that will work... im asking if the ending works or if i should rewrite that? Also, with color correcting now available to me... should I bother with black and white?

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