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The Lone Wizard
I have this idea and a script laid out for a short film that I'm pretty sure I've pitched at the meetings. I don't have it online anywhere, but would like to know if anyone is interested.
In short, it features a wizard traveling by foot through the woods. He stops to set up camp and starts a fire (using magic) when he is ambushed by four bounty hunters. They have a brief brawl, involving sword fights, bashing and practical magic. When the wizard defeats the four bounty hunters he sits back down by the fire. As the camera zooms out, none of the bounty hunters' bodies remain.
(I might change this ending, but I want to see how it works first. If it comes off kind of corny, then I will change it.)
Anyway, anyone who is interested in helping me, let me know. Smile
"Our films don't get finished, they just get released."
John Lasseter
Thanks, Jason, for showing me this site. I've uploaded my script to it.
"Our films don't get finished, they just get released."
John Lasseter
I just finished reading your script, and I think it can be very doable. I would gladly lend my assistance where ever you need it whether that be behind the camera, acting, or editing. Just keep me posted with filming dates and what not.

I also just ordered these, so I hope to put them to good use:
High Seas Boots
If I don't use them for your film, I won't whine because I know I can find a use for them. I also have a pair of pants with a hole in the knee which I think would work for my character if you want me in it. Do you have the weapons you want to use?
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I would be glad to have your help on this. I need to know, though, can you see well enough without your glasses, or do you have contacts? I'll need to know this if you want to act in it.

Those are some pretty fancy boots!

I don't have a lot of weapons, unfortunately. Maybe some time we could gather everyone who wants to be involved and have them bring everything they think they can provide as props, weapons, and/or costuming?

I'm thinking filming won't happen til late May or June. Some time during the summer. I think it would be kind of cool to make a camping trip out of it, seeing as how it needs to be in the woods, I have an idea for a location, and although it should only take a day to shoot, we might want two to three days available to us to be safe.

Also, if you'd be willing to edit this, and maybe if we could use your camera, that would be greatly appreciated. I would like to edit it, but I have no software to do so.

"Our films don't get finished, they just get released."
John Lasseter
Sweet! I cannot see well without my glasses and I am sans contacts. I can see shapes without my glasses but I can't make out any details. We can do a dry run of sorts to see if I can do this without coming to any harm. I really want to see this get made despite me not being able to see if I'm acting in it, but I will help otherwise if I cannot do the acting.

Sadly, the boots are on back order, but I should have them by the filming date(s) given you want to do this no sooner than late May.

That would be fine by me. I have two daggers I could use. I think that would look pretty cool. I will also buy a couple more props soon, so someone, such as myself, can use the new stuff. Here are the two weapons I will be ordering soon:
Arabian Dagger
Arabian Short Sword
And would this shirt work?: Shirt I think it looks great and very usable for this. I also have a pair of cargo pants with a hole in the knee that I could wear if we deem I am able enough to see sans glasses and can act.

As far as the camera and editing goes, using my camera would be fine by me, but the batteries don't a lot life. One battery has 100 minutes and the other 200, so we'd have to shoot in less than 5 hours. For editing, I will gladly edit. I'm thinking when I've edited something together, I will upload it unlisted on YouTube and send you a link and you can give a verdict if you want it to change. Or you can swing by my place and we can edit together, or you can at least see what I've put together and give a verdict. Either one.
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We can do some test fights and see how we do. If you can't act in it, I'd be glad to have your help otherwise.

The boots aren't a real big deal, but if you get them in time, that would be cool.

Those weapons are pretty cool. I remember the daggers you have, as I have one just like them; I think a bounty hunter duel wielding them would be kind of neat. That short sword looks like a giant Bowie Knife!
That shirt would be just fine. What kind of material are your pants made out of?

I think total actual filming time should only take that long if everything goes smoothly. I was thinking we could spend a day rehearsing then shoot the following day.
I'm glad you're willing to edit; we'll work out how I will "oversee" it when the time comes. If you need, I'll try to track down some sound effects to use. I also want to record a "war drum" music piece that I've been wanting to play out for the fight scene.
"Our films don't get finished, they just get released."
John Lasseter
I'd be glad to help however I can. I would love to act in this, but we can do a dry run to see if I can see well enough sans glasses to do so. Yeah, one day rehearsal then one day shooting would be good. Hopefully my batteries won't crap out on us.

With the boots, I found the exact same boots on a different website, based on Atlanta, and my size isn't on back order, so I should get them in a couple of weeks. I also cancelled my Kult of Athena order because I don't want to pay for the boots twice.

I'll order the weapons when I get paid. Yeah, the duel-weilding would look pretty cool, so I think we should do that. And the pants are cotton.

If you want some sound effects, go ahead and track them down and send them to me so I have them when the time comes to edit, unless you want to wait until we get closer to the shooting date(s).
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Red Balloon on South 6th St. has costumes and swords for rent that would look authentic and at a fraction of the cost of purchasing for a single shoot. I saw them yesterday and they're in good condition. They also have a catalog of all of their costumes that I perused for future reference. They have many different types of costumes from Roman era to Civil War to Star Wars
I would likely pass on the camping portion of the trip due to family/business responsibilities, but if the shoot were relatively nearby I could likely drive to the shoot.
I just got the Arabian short sword and dagger as well as the high seas boots. The only drawback with the boots is they are sans traction. They look really cool, but staying on my feet may prove trick if there's a lot of running around. Still, I'll keep the boots and hope they work out. I should get that pirate costume soon, as well. It is ready to be shipped, but I know not if it has been yet.
Ban reason: Continued bashing of others only hinders you. Please just make films! (Permanent)
Sorry for my late reply, I haven't had much time to check on the forum.

Wayne, I will check the Red Balloon and see if what they have suits the look I am going for. We wouldn't have to make it a camping trip, but the two locations I have in mind are no more than an hour out of town. So if people want to camp, they can, or if not, that's fine too.

Jason, I'm exciting to see what these look like when assembled. You won't have to do a lot of running around, just running into camp, then fighting.

Thanks for your interest and enthusiasm, guys.
"Our films don't get finished, they just get released."
John Lasseter

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