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Ashland Independent Film Festival
FYI, Robin and I will be going to the following shows this year (links to info and some trailers included):

Friday April 8:

3:40pm - Locals Only 1: this is basically the student shorts

9:40pm - Locals Only 2: basically the non-student shorts. Ray Robison has a film in this

We may head back to the cheap movie theater in White City between shows to watch a movie or two and get a bite to eat. I will have 2 spare tickets for the 9:40pm non-student local shorts

Saturday April 9:

12:40pm - Family Shorts: Kids Flix: looks like an entertaining mix of live action and animated shorts

3:00pm - CineSpace: shorts from a competition put on by NASA

6:00pm - The Birth of Sake: a documentary about...well...the Japanese drink

9:00pm - The Seventh Fire / El Tigre: feature film produced by Terrance Malick (one of my favorites) and Chris Eyre former Klamath Fallsian, plus a short documentary which looks of interest
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Won't be able to make it to any this year unfortunately, going to be out of town during that timeframe
No problem.

For anyone interested in joining us Saturday, we might be heading over a couple hours earlier to catch the beginning of a film expo SOFaM is putting on. I think they've considered doing something similar in Klamath, and I want to see what they put together.
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