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Wizardryng (aka Jason's D&D Adventure)
Here be the updated version:

I've had this script since spring of 2007 and I really want to get it filmed. It will cost a pretty penny, as well as other money, but it should be fun to film. Here be the script: Wizardryng. Here be the list of props, costumes and roles that will be needed: Props and Costumes. I know it will cost some, but I've gotten the price tag down from roughly $1800 to $24.99 (maybe) (although that is sans shipping costs), so that's good.

I have attached the script to this post. Warning: There is a lot of foul language in this script, so read at your own peril. If you do not want to download it, you can read it here: Wizardryng

I uploaded a script with the scene breakdowns. It is the 10-29-12 copy.

We have all the props necessary. I would like the people fulfilling roles to get the costumes. I can buy them, but I will not have money for a while and then the actors can keep the costumes if they buy them. I will not be able to fit into every costume used, and I think it would be nice if people had costumes on the ready.

I fond good spots up at Moore Park, so we will use those. First is the hill by the first gate hat leads to the nature trail and will be where Chuck and Carl convene to discuss their recent purchases. Second, a little farther up the trail up a hill and near the second gate, and that is where the heroes meet Gary. And third is up near the third gate on a more level area which is outside the dungeon.

I am playing Russel, Carl, Lemon Vine and George and voicing the ring. Kegan is playing Chuck and Gary. Pat is the king. Matt will play Ben. Cliff is going to be Leaf. Lastly, Wayne is playing Dave. So, it is all cast. Now I just need one costume and we can film.

What days and time work for everyone involved? I set up a shooting schedule that goes from October 20th to December 8th, although not November 24th, and the two December Saturdays are just in case, so do not plan on having something going on December 1st or 8th right now, but they may free up if we get the shooting done by then.

I have divided it up into scenes, and I will give page numbers for each scene we are doing for the different days since I do not want to change the script's format because I already did the ring's dialogue by page.

I was just at David's place and he has a robe for Pat to wear for the king, he is trying to find his brown robe with a hood for Lemon, and I talked with Matt and he said he can purchase his costume. What does this mean? It means once Pat gets a purple or black shirt to go with his robe and dark blue pants, and David finds his robe and Matt gets his costume, we can film! Hooray! At the September meeting next week, I hope to get at least October planned for shooting.

Attached Files
.doc   Wizardryng Script 9-11-12.doc (Size: 163 KB / Downloads: 10)
.doc   Wizardryng Script 10-29-12.doc (Size: 170.5 KB / Downloads: 2)
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The roles and each one's props and costumes needed are as follows:
Russel (he's the wizard that makes the ring; I'm playing him) (he needs a table to set his spellbook and ring on, and I doubt that will be a problem. I also have a chair for him)
The Ring (an intelligent ring; I'm voicing him) (ring to be used is here)
Chuck (one of the villains in the Calcium party; Kegan will play him) (he wields Cliff's big sword, and has a green tunic and brown pants as well as boots Kegan has)
Carl (the other villain in the Calcium party; I'm playing him) (he will use Cliff's acoustic guitar)
The King (he sends the heroes on the adventure; Pat will play him) (he will use David's costume pieces and Pat's purple shirt and blue pants).
Leaf Treebranch (one of the two stupid elfs; Cliff will play him) (Cliff, were you going to return the costume you got?)
Lemon Vine (the second stupid elf) (I got his costume today. It is a very nice robe)
Ben Panther (one of the smart heroes, Matt Roemer is playing him) (his list of props and costumes are a Rogue Pirate costume and Cliff's cutlass and with the pirate costumes come boot-tops, so he can wear black dress or tennis shoes and we will not need to buy $65 boots)
Dave Piranha (the hero wizard; Wayne will play him) (his costume is a Grim Reaper Robe and will wear the same one Russel does to save money and he will use a sgian dubh I own)
George (one of the Golden Blade villains; I'm playing him) (he's set)
Gary (the Golden Blade wizard; Kegan will play him) (his costume is a Grim Reaper Hooded Robe that Kegan bought)
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I am applying for a grant to fund this film, and the film has to be completed by January 1, 2014, so, if I get the grant, I need a lot of involvement from the group. If I get the grant, I will purchase everything, so I will just need people, their time, and a couple of foresty locations. Wizardryng promises to be a fun project so I hope to actually get people. So, read the script and get back to me, please.
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I am sure my schedule will clear up enough for me to participate by 2014. Wink

Jesse Widener
Art and Structure design studio -
I now just need four more roles filled, and once actor can play two roles, so I need three or four more people. I also need a tent, but I expect that would not be a problem because it will be used just one day and my parents have some tents and I expect Cliff (or at least his dad) does, too.

I also need four forest locations. I do not know the Klamath area as well as I should, so does anyone know of a good foresty location? I was thinking we could use Moore Park as at least two locations, and possibly all of them, but I need to scope it out some first.

For props and costumes, David said he will talk to me about some equipment and Kegan said he has some robes so I will talk to both at tomorrow's meeting. If anyone has any props and/or costumes they think would work, let me know and we can discuss it further.
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I'm available to fill roles. I can ask dad about his tents; I'm assuming you want a fairly period looking tent, like canvas?
Also, my dad owns some 40 acres of wilderness land outside of Beatty he'd be willing to let us use. There's some campgrounds and such around here that could probably work as well.

I also have weapons and some clothing you could probably use.
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Sweet! I would love to have you on board, Cliff. I will bring the script with me tonight and you can look it over. I am thinking you can play Dave or Ben. I will let you read over the script some before committing to either role. If you really want to, you can play Leaf or Lemon, but I see you more as a straight man than the comedian. Also, whoever plays Chuck needs to be strong because you have to carry me away and I weigh 220 pounds now, so I am not the scrony person you all got used to.

Canvas would be perfect. If he will not let us use that, I am sure we can find something else, but that is a good option to have.
Your dad's 40 acres sounds pretty good, although I want to take a look before I settle on using it or not. We probably will not get to filming the wilderness parts of Wizardryng until after Lone Wizard, so we can hike around the area around filming Lone Wizard. How far away is your dad's property? It will not be a day's shoot like Lone Wizard, so we would have a lot of driving to do. And my main concern with the campgrounds is if we have to pay to have access. I know little about camping around Klamath, so I am in the dark in that regard.

We should find time so I can take a gander at what you have to see if I want to use it. I greatly appreciate the offer, but I want to take a look before making a final decision on whether to use your stuff or not. Same goes with Kegan and David; I want to look it over before saying whether I will use it or not. I am sure you all can understand my notion to see it before committing to it.
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I have updated the script to make it possible for me to play both Lemon and George, and the update is attached to my first post. I need to fill four more roles, so I am talking to Cliff about it and, if he is interested, Justin can take a role, too. Wayne, would you be interested in a role? I think you would be a good straight man, especially as Dave Piranha, the hero wizard. I am also talking to my pal Bill about it, although he is rather busy, but I will call him if need-be later this week about the project.

I am also trying to find a job, so I may be able to purchase everything in a few months, but I cannot guarantee anything. I have purchased every prop save Chuck's sword and Ben's short sword, and I have some costumes, but six characters need their costume as of yet, which is where most of the rest of the money will go. I found a katana for $25 and I will be meeting with David and Cliff soon to discuss what they have.
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An update! I just met with Cliff, and he has two blades we can use as well as an acoustic guitar, so all of the props are ready. For roles, only Dave Piranha is not spoken for, so I will talk to my friend Bill and also Wayne about playing Dave. As it stands right now, I need costumes for six of the characters. I have the costume for Russel, Carl, Dave, and George. I will meet with David on Monday and see what he has. Hopefully he has some costumes we can use. That would save us money.

I also need locations. Cliff mentioned his dad's place an hour north, and I think that would be useable. I want to look at Moore Park more to see if we can film there because it is a lot closer and people know where it is. I will talk to Bill and OTB people about using their respective green screens and see what I get.

This will happen soon. As I told Cliff, I want to start filming at the end of October. It will take a few days, but I am sure we can work with everyone's schedules effectively.
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The caves at the lava beds might work too.

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