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Zombie's Nightmare - The Film

It may have been under the light of a full moon, that Zombie's Nightmare first came to mind. Or was it a 60 watt light bulb? For some time members of KFMG had been talking about filming a Zombie film. But no one bit into it. Until I came up with a short idea or a fun Zombie film, that I would tell the plot to only those working on the film at the time of filming. A few days later, my daughter, Taryn, called from New Jersey and told me about a short Halloween contest that the H&N newspaper was running here in Klamath Falls, Oregon. So I looked it up and found the paper was looking for short Halloween films. No longer the 3 minutes. The timing was perfect! So in late September of 2011, a cast and crew meet at Andy Meeds home and he took us to this liitle wacky place that fit our needs for the film. Just an old wooden porch were a mobile home HAD been in a lot over grown in weeds. Perfect! So, we slapped some make-up on the actors, while the neighbors watched and gathered around all excited because a film was being shot in the empty lot between their houses. That was funny. Well, it took us all of half an hour or so to shoot at that location. We then hopped in our cars and drove down the block to an old abandoned school, where we filmed the opening shots of the zombies chasing down their dinner. We lite a few smoke bombs and got the opening chase scene done in about 15 minutes. That was a warp! The shortest time it ever took me to shoot a film. So, the next step was editing. Once home I down loaded the digital video information into my computer and went to work on it. The film was so simple, it just all fell into place. However, it was in full color and just didn't look spooky. So, I dumbed it down by killing 75% of the color to odd half tone, back and white look with a hint if color. Then found some Royal Free music and slapped that into the sound track. Put some quick titles on the front and end and "BAM" it was done. One 3 minute film to the second, shot and edited in less then two hours time. (Not counting travel time from the shooting locations to home.). What a hoot. We then put the film into the H&N contest, and after a months wait, learned that we had won 1st place and taken the $50 prize! That was a blast and a lot of fun to make.
Zombie's Nightmare was submitted to the Klamath Herald & News' first ever Halloween video contest, through which it won first place.

From the Herald and News:

"The winners of the Herald and News' first annual Halloween video contest have been announced.

First place goes to the Klamath Film Makers Group for their submission, 'Zombie's Nightmare.' In this short film, two zombies receive some advice from a well-meaning lawyer after devouring the flesh of a human victim."

Read the remainder of the article here:

Herald & News Halloween Film Contest
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Production stills...

Zombie causing nightmares

insert img

Zombie lunchtime

insert img

Zombies get along with everyone

insert img

Zombies ate my director

insert img

Andy's house

insert img
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