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Workshop - An Introduction to Editing in Final Cut Pro X
Riverside Learning Annex (former Riverside Elementary School) 707 Cypress Street, up the hill past the Favell Museum - Saturday March 28, 2015. 3PM-5PM.

Continuing our workshop series, Jesse Widener will present "An Introduction to Editing in Final Cut Pro X". Discussion will include the basics of using Final Cut Pro X, from importing media and choosing appropriate import settings, how to navigate FCP X's interface for editing, adding effects, and exporting to various media. This will be a broad introduction to the software. More advanced editing tricks and techniques will be addressed in a later workshop.

Jesse Widener has used Final Cut Pro X for various projects including editing and producing performance DVDs for the Ross Ragland Theater, on films such as "Glacier" and "Roll" exhibited at the 2013 Klamath Independent Film Festival, and KIFF 2014's Jury Runner-Up winner "Bare the Sun".
Working on the FCP X workshop. 40" TV at the desk.

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Just an FYI for KFMG members regarding the monitor calibration I mentioned, I can help you calibrate your monitors with my colorimeter. There is no need for anyone to go out and buy their own.
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Most excellent. That bit was financially intimidating.
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It's really a one or two time use device. There's no sense in everyone going out and buying one when I've already got one. It isn't the latest and greatest, as I've had it for years, but it should be fine...assuming the software works on these newer OSes.
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