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Untitled short film project
My film project may take some time as I am getting used to the camera equipment. 

The set is a school classroom. It will involved about 15 children aged 10-12 and one main child. I have someone in mind for the main child and he has experience being on camera and acting. It will require one adult as the teacher, male or female. Possibly someone who is already a school teacher. Props needed would be random classroom stuff as well as a piano in a dark room. I have a very basic script for the film as there is little to no dialogue outside of the teacher. 

Basic premise is a child is in school and his mind is on playing his piano instead of sitting in the classroom. He's away from his true passion. 
I have a song in mind for the piano scenes. 

It's definitely a commentary on the amount of time kids spend in school and doing homework instead of being able to do what they are passionate about. The child I have in mind plays the piano and is very passionate about it. 

I think the biggest delay with this will be finding the kids and getting them in at the same time. 

Once I feel confident with the camera equipment, I will start looking for kids

Cinematograpy is very important for the feel of the short film. 
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Isn't there a film making summer program for kids? Maybe go through them somehow to get children, as well as a teacher?
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Yes...the Day Dreamers [?] thing run by Ron Matchett and...Dan Stearns?

Also, Riverside or Fairview are likely available locations.
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