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Mid-2017 Significant Bylaws Revamp
We are in the process of making some big strides with KFMG to expand our mission, and bring in more experienced people to help run and grow the organization.

In order to solidify the foundation for our future, the Board has approved the attached changes to the Bylaws. These changes will be discussed in a brief, broad sense at the July KFMG regular monthly meeting, and hopefully voted on at the August regular monthly meeting.

There are two attachments. One is the revised Bylaws as they would appear if passed. The second attachment is an "annotated" version showing all the existing elements being removed (struck through) and all the new elements (in red)...depending on which document is easier for everyone to read/understand.

*EDIT: The proposed Bylaws amendment passed 08-21-17

Attached Files
.pdf   By-Laws 2017 new.pdf (Size: 83.81 KB / Downloads: 1)
.pdf   By-Laws 2017 new annotated.pdf (Size: 107.3 KB / Downloads: 3)
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