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Filming of 'Footloose' at the Ragland
If anyone's available after the cameras are set, my camera is still hooked to the RRT's A/V feed and could use a camera-person to follow the action.
Wayne, I will talk with Matt some when we get to theatre about the AV-feed camera and if he wants to operate it. I could, as well, but I will talk with him. My thinking is one of us can man your camera and the other will man the DV camera and change tapes when necessary.
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Tonight's shoot went really well. The play is entertaining, which is always good, and Matt and I got the cameras set up in good spots to get the straight-on shots. Tomorrow night we will get the cross shots. I do not know when I will get to editing it, but I will start work on it no later than next Tuesday, so four days from now. Do not sweat over the editing process. I will get it done. As for audio, we do not have cameras that are compatible with XLR cables, which is what Jamie had set up for us today, but she will try to get a better sound set up for tomorrow night. I have not looked at what we shot today so I do not know how the sound is, but I will keep the group posted.
Ban reason: Continued bashing of others only hinders you. Please just make films! (Permanent)
Thank you Jesse, Jason & Matt for your efforts on filming Footloose at the Ross Ragland Theater. Many of the cast are very excited about having a copy of the video. In fact, I believe one person (not speaking about myself) plans to use a clip for their portfolio. Your efforts could be an instrument to change someones life.
Matt, I have some blank DVD+RW that will record about 28 minutes each. If you're going to operate the live camera tonight, would you mind recording as much as possible by switching DVD's when they fill? I would love to be able to see what the heck I'm doing, and I'm sure others would be interested as well. I'll ask Chip before I let anyone else see them.
I watched the footage from the live feed camera that Matt operated last night. First of all, the play is much better than I thought and the camera catches the action wonderfully. Having been backstage or onstage during most of the rehearsals I was finally able to see the rest of the play that I had been missing. I enjoyed the recording very much. Secondly, the capture of the Learning to be Silent scene was quite good as well as other live action shots. I prefer the shots where he follows the action, definition is greatly enhanced and it's a more natural viewing mode. Jason, as editor, you may want to consider using some of that material as well. Matt's viewed the play only once, but was able to set up some good shots, kudos. The camera is setup on automatic, so it tends to try to follow the action a little during scenes when you may prefer a still perspective; perhaps we can turn that off next time (my concern is the lighting changes). I'll try to buy more DVD-R's before today's performance

Suggestion: bring a note pad and writing implement to keep notes. If you have an idea for a shot one night, write it down, so you're prepared the next time. This may be a good practice whether for this recording or others in the future.

From time to time the camera's lens is wide open to capture the entire stage and all of the action. When there are only a few character's onstage, try more zoom shots where you can only view from their feet to a foot or two above the characters head (e.g. Ren & Ariel in the train scene was shot like that, good job), or closer.

Remember, none of the footage from the live action camera is essential. If we get some good shots that can be used then bonus. Cool

Thanx once again to Jason and Matt for their efforts.
An update! I have everything from the flash memory camera on my external hard drive. I am now trying, although so far sans success, to capture what was filmed with the DV camera. This is one reason I love flash memory; the timecode is never dropped, thus preventing capture. I will keep at it, and pray I do not lose my temper. The footage will also just plain look better with the flash memory camera since it shoots in HD. If you have seen Playing War the Third and compare it to anything else I have done, you will see the difference.
Ban reason: Continued bashing of others only hinders you. Please just make films! (Permanent)
Big Grin You guys are just too funny. Love what I'm reading about the show. Yes, the TBC on tape is harder to keep in line then the TBC on hard drives. Mixing them? Wow, that has to be trouble waiing to happen, but I don't see why it can't be done. Just means watching for creep or miss-sync as you edit. The hard part is matching songs up in editing from one performace to another. Be careful there. The tempos are always a little different each show and you don't notice it night yo night, but it shows up when you edit them together, two different nights or more.. Don't lose yor cool, Cool . Remember I did them for 20 years at the Ragland and had no crew to help me with the shooting or the editing and I stated out using VHS tape and editing with that. Yuck, what a nightmare compaired to todays tools. You guys have it made, you can do this.

Question: What did you decide on the price for copies?

Remember I said, the last two shows are normally the best. I hope you plan to capture them. The first week shows are good, but by the time you get to the last two, they are polished.

Have fun gang!
I will be doing the heavy lifting with this production. I will work on getting the footage from the tapes onto my hard drive when I get home. Someone else in the group needs to get a flash memory camera so that, if we do a two-camera set up again, it will be easier.

Jesse, Wayne and I discussed charging $8 per DVD but I do not think we settled on a price.

Matt and I will be out of town this weekend so someone else will have to film the performances if we are to use the last weekend in the final cut. Would anyone be able to film this weekend?
Ban reason: Continued bashing of others only hinders you. Please just make films! (Permanent)
I'd like to announce the price for the recordings and start taking names and money from people that want a copy, but I don't know the cost per DVD (I don't know what kind is required for 2+ hours of video). This Sunday is the last performance, so I should start getting money VERY soon or the project will likely be a bust. Will $8 per adequate?

Remember, this is a great opportunity for KFMG to build credibility. So far, when I mention a local film group, the reaction is that people seem to think we're making porn. We need credibility, to put a friendly/professional face on the group, if we're to build interest/participation in future projects. We are also able to network with other people that are interested in performing and/or work behind the camera.

P.S. Thank you again Jason, Matt, Tom & Jesse for your participation.

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