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"To build, promote, and support an industry of local/regional filmmaking in and around Klamath Falls, Oregon."

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Officers and Board Members


President/Board Chairman/Social Media Admin

Robin Smith has lived throughout the Western US, recently settling in Klamath Falls, OR. She has previously worked in administration for social service programs, including her current daytime employer, and is currently acquiring a degree in Social Services. Robin enjoys online distributed media and is looking to fill her free time contributing to KFMG and exploring various aspects of film.


Vice President/Board Member

David Reed is a former naval photographer with experience in amateur film and community theater. He has also been a prominent member of the Klamath Falls Jaycees, working with the local community on such projects as their extensive haunted house production which he has assisted for the last 12 years. KFMG is an extension of David's community development interests.


Secretary/Board Member/Quartermaster

Matt Roemer is currently attending the Oregon Institute of Technology with a double major in Software and Hardware Engineering, and a minor in Mathematics. Matt's film experience includes a local business commercial and sports for the Herald & News, while being enthusiastically involved with KFMG projects, the workings of the Group itself and preparing his own projects.


Treasurer/Board Member/Festival Coordinator

Jesse Widener has a wide range of experience in the arts including architecture, music composition, photography, software development, drawing and writing. He brings his passion and experience to filmmaking, having had several films show at the Klamath Independent Film Festival, being most recently accepted to the Portland International Film Festival with a recut of his KIFF award winner "Bare the Sun", and the Ashland Independent Film Festival with "Outside the Box".


Board Member

Currently attending Klamath Community College, Cliff Foster's interest in gathering together a few friends with a mutual interest in filmmaking has evolved into what is now the Klamath Film Makers Group (KFMG), a non-profit public-benefit organization for the promotion, nurturing, growth and production of films in the Klamath Basin, as well as the Klamath Independent Film Festival, based here in Klamath Falls.


Board Member

An avid movie buff, Sean Johnson's love of film began with casual youtube videos and has grown into more serious short films, fan films, and comedy skits by teaching himself filmmaking through endless tutorials avalable online. Sean has had two films featured in the Klamath Independent Film Festival, and he's always willing to help out or collaborate with other filmmakers.


Board Member

After publishing her own fiction widely in print and online, west coast editor and writer Pela Via compiled and edited two award-winning books -- Warmed and Bound and The Booked. Anthology. As editor-in-chief of ManArchy Magazine, she continued to segue into editorial services, providing freelance story and copy editing, as well as script development and consulting, to established literary presses, authors, and screenwriters. Currently based in Ashland, Oregon, Pela's love of film work is flourishing in the vibrant Southern Oregon film scene!