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Thank you to our current membership for your support!
Nick Alexander
Steve Ayola
Court Cannick
Tom Cooley
Ashlyn Faunce
Lisa Gabriel
Paul Harris
Jared Heard
Hailey Henry
Mari Jane Hillyer
Franny Howes
Robert Jackman
Lynn Lamoree
Tom Lamoree
Amber Lancaster
Kurt Liedtke
Sarah Logan
Cathy McNeely
Ryan Niemi
Lori Nussbaum
David Paoli
Curtis Peoples
Evelynn Perlman
Lawrence Powers
David Reed
Denise Ross
Lindsay Silver
Ronald Stevens
Holly Stork
Bergen Swanson
Wayne Sweat
Jesse Widener
Joanna Wolverton
Aaron Wood
Michael Yilek


Become a Klamath Film film-lover  where tickets pay you back and more!
Ann Cavanaugh
Joelle Harris
Heidi Hug
Gary Kout
Jeanette Rutherford
David Shute

Past Members

Thank you to our past members for your support!

Dylan Acres
Steve Ayola
Jennifer Bavarskas
Zack Baker
Art Belsky
Brette Bliss
Frederick Brigham
Jose Bustillos
Julia Clark
Brian Ellis
Cliff Foster
Justin Fowler
Lee Fuchsmann
Joi Garlington
Sophia Garrison
Sherry Grimes
Christina Herzod
Brooke Hockett
Andy Hollenbeak
Franny Howes
Jon Hurley
Alexander Ibarra
Sean Johnson
Maddie Juhl
Brenden Ketchum
Art Martin
Katie McGirl
Rebecca McGirl
Jason McMurry
Lainee Meis
Tony Nunes
Sally Palcovich
Ben Piper
Kegan Powless
Kevin Quinn
Matt Roemer
Toby Ross
Kayla Sha
David Shute
Robin Smith
George Tyson
Pela Via
David West

Officers and Board

Kurt Liedtke

Kurt Liedtke

Executive Director

Kurt Liedtke has over 12 years of experience working in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles through various roles in music, film, social media and video games, and has worked for two newspaper publications in Southern Oregon -- the Lake County Examiner and the Herald & News -- since relocating to the Klamath Basin from Southern California. His tenure in the news industry has included work as a journalist, photographer, videographer, copy editor, managing editor, sports editor, commercial drone pilot and social media manager. Alongside his role as Klamath Film's Executive Director, Kurt continues to work as the Herald & News' Online Editor.

Curtis Peoples

Curtis Peoples

Board Chair

Curtis Peoples, PhD. is an Archivist for the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library at Texas Tech University. He oversees the Crossroads Recording Studio at TTU and is a musician who has worked in the music business for five decades. Dr. Peoples teaches the “History of West Texas Music” and “Studies in Texas Music History” for TTU, and “American Media Studies” in Humanities at Oregon Tech. He hosts the “Music Crossroads of Texas” radio show and has original music compositions in the short film “Bogart County” and the documentary “Frank Reaugh: Pastel Poet of the Plains.”

Amber Lancaster

Amber Lancaster

Vice Chair

Amber Lancaster, PhD. is an Assistant Professor in the Communication Department at Oregon Tech and teaches courses in professional and technical writing, electronic communication and media, proposal and grant writing, and document design. Her interest in film began as an undergraduate student in a Film Interpretation course and developed throughout her minor in History, with emphasis in American Cinema. She joined Klamath Film in 2019 and is an avid supporter of the arts and humanities.

Joelle Harris

Joelle Harris


Joelle Harris is an Architect at ZCS Engineering and Architecture and has been practicing for 20 years. She has worked on a wide range of building types from multi-family housing to significant alterations and seismic rehabilitation of historic landmark buildings. She is currently working on growing the architectural design division at ZCS and supports projects throughout Oregon. Joelle recently moved to Klamath Falls with her husband Paul, and they are enjoying the seasons and exploring outdoors with their two dogs.

Mark Shapiro

Mark Shapiro

Mark Shapiro. Mark worked on publicity campaigns for five Oscar-nominated animated features: Coraline (2009), ParaNorman (2012), The Boxtrolls (2014), Kubo and the Two Strings (2016) and Missing Link (2019) at LAIKA Studios. He is currently a partner at Metolius, LLC, a Portland-based brand marketing and publicity consultancy. Mark provides marketing and brand counsel for a number of organizations, including The Orlando Film Festival and Graco Films (Mexico City) and has curated animated blocks at film festivals worldwide. Prior to LAIKA, he worked in marketing for Nike and Monster.com.

Ann Cavanaugh

Ann Cavanaugh

Ann Cavanaugh is co-owner of SmithBates printing, one of the oldest printing companies in the state of Oregon. A long-time resident of Klamath Falls, Ann has been instrumental in the startup and continued success of many local nonprofits geared toward the improvement of our economy, community, and the pride and enjoyment of living in the Klamath Basin, some of which include our official tourism agency Discover Klamath, as well as the Klamath County Economic Development Association.

Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson is a writer, director, and producer of films and videos. He has several features and numerous shorts to his credit, as well as having acted in a number of other independent films. He holds a BFA in filmmaking and an MA in media psychology and taught film production at the San Francisco Art Institute from 2006 to 2010.

Court Connick

Court Connick

Court hails from Los Angeles, CA where he began his film experience as a session musician/arranger at the age of 19. This was followed by several years as the staff composer for TCA films. In 1980, Court co-founded The Research Company, a small scientific/technical film company in Hermosa Beach. Court recently moved to Klamath Falls.

Lindsay Silver

Lindsay Silver

Lindsay Silver, a recent Oregon transplant that hails from Montana, is a post-baccalaureate student at Oregon Tech working toward a degree in Professional Writing. She is in active pursuit of creating a writing career specializing as a grant writer. Her first degree, from the University of Montana in Psychology, led to challenging but rewarding work in child and family services as a behavioral specialist and victim advocate. As a direct compliment to her mental health work, and in striving to keep a balanced lifestyle, Lindsay has worked as an instructor and personal trainer encouraging physical health and vitality.

Membership Levels

Level/Cost Description/Benefits


Can attend 2 monthly Klamath Film meetings before being asked to be a member in order to continue attending meetings/benefitting from Klamath Film.

Non-members have no vote on member issues.

Value: No downside to checking us out!



K-12 students allowed to attend all monthly Klamath Film meetings.

Can borrow filmmaking equipment thanks to the Oregon Cultural Trust!

Free K-12 have no vote on member issues.

Value: Free has unlimited/infinite value!

Klamath Film Member

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Can attend all monthly Klamath Film meetings.

Can borrow filmmaking equipment.

Can vote on member issues.

$5 discount on ALL Klamath Film shows/events.

Value: At least $20-$25+ Depending on number of Klamath Film shows/events attended.

Film-lover Levels

Level/Cost Description/Benefits
Popcorn Pass

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4 free single show tickets to Klamath Film shows of your choice
(special charity events not included)

Value: At least $40

Fest Friend

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4 free single show tickets to Klamath Film shows of your choice
(special charity events not included)

...plus 1 KIFF Festival Pass!

Value: At least $100

Movie Mad!!

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4 free single show tickets to Klamath Film shows of your choice
(special charity events not included)

...plus 2 KIFF Festival Passes!

Value: At least $160