KIFF 2021: Ninth Annual Klamath Independent Film Festival

Welcome back to the premier Oregon-centric film festival, bigger and better than ever!
2020 was a profound year for everyone, and while it came with its share of disappointments, it also presented many opportunities for Klamath Film. The 2020 Klamath Independent Film Festival for the first time was presented as a hybrid festival - welcoming an in-house audience as well as viewers from around the world via the Eventive Virtual Festival platform. Complete with. livestreams from The Ross Ragland Theater stage, exclusive Q&As online with every filmmaker, and films VOD -- KIFF garnered national attention for its 2020 presentation.

For the 2021 rendition we plan to be even bigger and better. With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing we don't yet know theater restrictions, but plan to continue our hybrid online festival presentation. Last year's custom awards designed by local artists in the Southern Cascade Woodcrafters Guild will absolutely return in 2021, along with a few new surprises.

The 2021 Klamath Independent Film Festival will once again be held entirely at The Ross Ragland Theater in Klamath Falls, Ore., Sept. 17-19, 2021. Activities will I include an opening Friday night gala, a day of feature films on Saturday, and a slate of shorts on Sunday culminating with our festival awards. More information about KIFF2021 coming soon.

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Klamath Independent Film Festival proudly accepts entries on FilmFreeway, the world's #1 way to enter film festivals and creative contests.

Films submitted for the 2021 Klamath Independent Film Festival must meet the following requirements:
1) The film must have been completed no later than Jan. 1, 2020. If the film was shot before then but editing was not completed until 2020 or 2021 - that is acceptable.

2) The film must have been predominantly shot in Oregon, or in the bordering Northern California counties of Del Norte, Modoc and Siskiyou. alternately, the film is also acceptable if the filmmaker resides in Oregon.

3) Films under 40-minutes in length qualify as "shorts", 40 minutes or longer should be submitted as a "feature film."
Categories are divided geographically in Oregon between Northern Shorts/Features and Southern Shorts/Features. This should be based on where the film was made in Oregon rather than residence of the filmmaker.

There is a $20 submission fee for all films except for K-12 student films.
A fee waiver is available upon request - contact to request a waiver for your film.

If you have any questions or comments contact us.


Klamath Independent Film Festival takes great care to select the absolute best in Oregon filmmaking each year through an extensive multi-tiered judging process. Multiple panels of judges will rate all film submissions with averaged scores determining festival selections, followed by an additional panel of awards judges comprised of representatives from the Hollywood film industry to determine award winners.


Southern films: shot predominantly in, or by residents of Oregon (and California counties on the Oregon/California border):

- Jury Grand Prize Feature $1,000
- Jury Grand Prize Short $600
- Jury Runner Up Short $400
- Jury 2nd Runner Up Short $300
- Jury Best K-12 Student Short $200

Northern films: shot predominantly in, or by residents of the remainder of the State of Oregon:

- Jury Grand Prize Feature $1,000
- Jury Grand Prize Short $600
- Jury Runner Up Short $400
- Jury 2nd Runner Up Short $300
- Jury Best K-12 Student Short $200

All submitters, regardless of whether their film is selected for the festival or not, are entitled to two (2) free Weekend Passes (Saturday/Sunday) or virtual passes to the festival due to COVID-19 restrictions, in order to bring filmmakers together and encourage them to meet/network/see each other's work!


*Student films must meet all KIFF guidelines below. For specific student film info, see [5].

*We list a submission fee on FilmFreeway in part to prevent an onslaught of ineligible films from being submitted to us. If your film meets our eligibility requirements below, we are happy to offer you a free submission waiver upon request. Contact us at to receive a unique waiver code.

[1]. KIFF 2020 is open to shorts (less than 40 minutes in length) and features (more than 40 minutes in length) completed January 1, 2020 or later, by filmmakers who are residents of the state of Oregon, or California counties on the Oregon border (Del Norte, Siskiyou, and Modoc counties), *or* residents from anywhere in the world whose film was predominantly shot in Oregon and/or Northern California in Del Norte, Modoc or Siskiyou Counties.

[2]. Films must be submitted no later than June 1, 2021. Please note we have a tight review and selection schedule. We will not accept films submitted after June 1, however if films are still being edited we will work with filmmakers to accept the original cut and showcase the final version at the festival.

[3]. Limit two (2) short and two (2) feature submissions per filmmaker.

[4]. Submissions shot in or by residents of Oregon and California counties in Coos, Douglas, Curry, Josephine, Jackson, Klamath, Lake, Harney, or Malheur counties of Oregon or Del Norte, Siskiyou, or Modoc counties of California will be considered for our Southern categories. The remainder of submissions will be considered for our Northern categories.

[5]. K-12 students are eligible for our student prize. Films must be no more than 5 minutes in length max, and meet all other KIFF guidelines in these rules (completion date, rights to content as detailed in [6] below, etc.). Students who are residents of Coos, Curry, Josephine, Jackson, Klamath, Lake, Harney, or Malheur counties in Oregon or Del Norte, Siskiyou, and Modoc counties in California should enter as a "Southern Student Short". Residents from elsewhere in Oregon should enter as "Northern Student Short." The winner of each category will receive a $100 prize!

[6]. Filmmakers shall have all rights to, or have received permission to use, all video/images, music and any other media and/or trademarks contained in submitted films. If unsure of rights requirements please contact Klamath Film at

**We strongly encourage filmmakers to stay away from relying on "fair use" to use protected content. "Fair use" is not always clear and we reserve the right to disqualify films we feel do not comfortably meet its standard, or which open us to receiving an excess of films with protected content under the guise of "fair use." This includes "fan films", "remakes", trademarked character or product use, and more. It is best to be totally original!

We are more particular about this issue than many festivals due to the range of experience/knowledge among our filmmakers, in order to keep a level playing field for everyone as best we can. Alternatively, some rights-free sources can be found on the internet via a search, such as "rights free music," for example.

For more information, contact us. We want to help you get your film on the big screen!

[7]. We reserve the right to not exhibit works which we feel are not intended for, or well suited to, the big screen audience/film experience. While we don't want to discourage great works of unique, entertaining, or artistic quality, this means submissions made for television, commercials, etc. may be dismissed.

[8]. If your film is selected for show, you grant KIFF the right to exhibit your film, and use clips/stills from your film, for promotion of the film festival.

[9]. All decisions by judges and organizers are final. Any submissions which do not meet the requirements will be disqualified, so please be sure you meet all requirements. Film submissions are rated by judges on a 1-10 scale based on technical achievement, entertainment value, and overall film quality. Scores are averaged among the judge panel to determine selections, with additional judge panels considering selected films for KIFF awards. Entry fees are non-refundable.

[10]. Klamath Film does not discriminate in any way, nor does the Klamath Independent Film Festival follow any set theme, religion, sexual preference, gender, race, or ideology in its structure. KIFF is a celebration of film as an art form showcasing Made-in-Oregon films. The festival is all-welcoming. The selection or non-selection of a film for KIFF is done on artistic merit by our eclectic panel of judges; not based on any specific religion, political belief, or otherwise controversial subject matter. We encourage artistic expression with all that film may encompass.


CERULEAN HOTEL (click to visit website)

The Cerulean Hotel is located in downtown Klamath Falls, 6 blocks from the Ross Ragland Theater where the festival begins and ends, and right off the Highway 97 downtown exit for easy access. Pelican Cinema, our Saturday venue, is approximately 3 miles from the Cerulean. We are working to get our filmmaker VIP lounge and after party space for attendees in the downtown area, making the Cerulean a good location to access all things KIFF.

15% discount for attendees who call in their reservation and mention the festival.

RUNNING Y RANCH RESORT (click to view website)

Running Y Ranch Resort is a full resort community located off Highway 140 West about 10 minutes out of Klamath Falls. Running Y features restaurants, a spa, grocery store, the only Arnold Palmer designed golf course in the state, a covered outdoor ice rink in Winter, and more. Running Y is Klamath's upscale resort experience, but very reasonably priced.

KIFF2021 Sponsors




This project is supported in part by the Klamath County Cultural Coalition.

We are adding sponsors for this year's KIFF. If you or your business would like to support local/regional independent filmmaking, and bringing in additional independent films to our community through sponsorship, we welcome you to contact us.