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Jury prize awards courtesy of Fred Meyer, Klamath Film Makers Group, and Ryan Niemi

KIFF 2014

Klamath's 2nd annual festival and the first to include Jackson County filmmakers, as well as the first to include prizes awarded to the top films determined by the jury.

Approx. 88 minutes + Q&A with the filmmakers, followed by a reception for the filmmakers with refreshments provided by Klamath Film Makers Group.

  1. Be Yourself


    Kristan Williams - Talent, Oregon

    A pianist, a dancer and a singer each live their unique dream with inspiration, encouragement and hope.

  2. Enemies


    David West - Medford, Oregon

    After commiting a heinous crime, a mysterious drifter hitchhikes across the country with nothing but the clothes on his back and a stolen lock-box.

  3. Glengarry Glen Styx

    Jury 2nd Runner Up - $50 Amazon card

    Richard Jensen - Ashland, Oregon

    A demon from hell offers an aspiring screenwriter a chance for fame and fortune but is surprisingly rebuffed. Can he close the deal?

  4. Bare the Sun

    Jury Runner Up - $100 Amazon card

    Jesse Widener - Klamath Falls, Oregon

    Alone, sunworn and surrounded by desert, a man wanders without end, with a purpose only he knows. But what is he really doing here, and where is here? Is he what we think he is...or what he thinks he is?

  1. Green Smoothie Hustla


    Sergei Boutenko - Ashland, Oregon

    Sergei Boutenko takes to the streets to promote greens and healthy living by means of hip hop and comedy.

  2. Self Inflicted


    Ross Williams - Talent, Oregon

    Jim's just a regular guy, except for his masochistic tendencies, who's looking for Ms. Right. Can he control his destructive urges long enough to find her?

  3. Elegies


    Bruce Bayard - Ashland, Oregon

    A personal meditation on mourning, loss, and life passages.

  4. Liberation

    Jury Grand Prize - $250 cash prize

    David West - Medford, Oregon

    When a young man's brother winds up in the hospital following a brutal assault, he starts to reconsider his life of violence and questions everything that he believes.

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