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7:00pm - Gala Dinner

9:00pm - KIFF Intro and Feature Film: "Life, Adjusted."


11:00am - Feature Film: "Becoming"

1:30pm - Feature Film: "Klamath"

4:00pm - Feature Film: "Black Road"

7:30pm - Local/Regional Shorts, Awards, and Filmmaker Q&A


9:00am - Chamber of Commerce/Discover Klamath Reception

10:00am - Filmmaker's Tour





via Festival Pass only

7:00pm - Gala Dinner

Help us kick off KIFF 2016 with a full course dinner and dessert in the lobby of the Ross Ragland Theater. Many of our sponsors and filmmakers will be in attendance, so be sure to thank our sponsors and engage our filmmakers about their work. The dinner's main course will be a meat lasagna with classic red sauce, or a veggie lasagna with pesto sauce depending on your eating preference, provided by Gino's Cafe and Sports Bar. Please email when you order your tickets, with your meat or veggie preference, or ask about an alternative if you have other dietary considerations.

9:00pm - KIFF Intro and Feature Film: "Life, Adjusted." - Sean Nipper, Ashland OR
*Exclusive film. Friday screening only!

Dr. Jay Komarek has a life changing experience when he travels to Oregon to help an abused horse. The result will leave you awestruck as you witness the transformation of "Dizzy".

Join us for our opening night, exclusive feature film, "Life, Adjusted." by Sean Nipper of Ashland, Oregon, for a touching look at the effect of chiropracty with animals, told primarily through the story of "Dizzy", an abused horse, here in Southern Oregon. The film will be preceded by a brief introduction to this year's Klamath Independent Film Festival, and the filmmaker will be on hand for a Q&A following the screening.

Runtime: 1 hour 5 min. + festival introduction, and filmmaker Q&A



A full day of local/regional features and shorts available via Day Pass, or Festival Pass

11:00am - Feature Film: "Becoming" - Matt Adkins/Michael Bryant, Ashland OR

After a decade of losing, a small college football team receives a new head coach and a promise to become national champions.

KIFF 2016's full day of locally grown independent filmmaking kicks off as Matt Adkins'/Michael Bryant's feature film, "Becoming", tells the story of SOU's rise from an afterthought to national champions, after a change of attitude.

Runtime: 1 hour 5 min. + introduction

1:30pm - Feature Film: "Klamath" - Aaron Moffatt, Ashland OR

Hidden in the depths of the Klamath-Siskiyou mountains is a world few have seen. Complex geology, climatic conditions, and impassibly rugged river canyons have inspired some of the greatest technological feats of history and technology created by life over billions of evolutionary cycles to survive otherwise unsurvivable conditions. This film is a window into that world.

Experience the Klamath region in a way you may never have seen, with Aaron Moffatt's, "Klamath". This impressive film showcases our region's landscape and wildlife all the way to the coast, through the seasons, in a beautifully shot homage to the region. Set to timeless works of music, and narrated by the filmmaker.

Runtime: 54 min. + introduction

4:00pm - Feature Film: "Black Road" - Gary/Anne Lundgren, Ashland OR
*KIFF 2016 Headlining Film!

*For mature audiences. Brief, partial nudity and mild language.

A future noir set in the rebel State of Jefferson in 2029 - failed military experiment Dylan, is 100% human but assisted by his AI implant, Clyde. Aimless and broke, Dylan urges Clyde to help him find work on the Jefferson coast. After saving a mysterious woman's life, Dylan is sucked into her dark world. Against Clyde's wishes, Dylan and Lisa plot a settlement with her maniacal ex-husband, who's developing and testing (on unsuspecting subjects) a hypnotic and addictive black root plant grown on his compound. If Dylan can keep Lisa and her ex from killing each other, he may walk away with a small fortune and a new life with or without Clyde's help.

Our headlining feature film, and a triumph of local/regional filmmaking, "Black Road" is Ashland, Oregon duo Gary and Anne Lundgren's third feature film. Partly funded though Kickstarter, "Black Road" is a prime example of local/regional filmmaking reaching to the level of Hollywood quality, recently earning national distribution. Do not miss this opportunity to see the footprint our region is making on the national film scene, and an opportunity to talk with the filmmakers during the Q&A following the screening.

Runtime: 1 hour 21 min. + introduction, and filmmaker Q&A

7:30pm - Local/Regional Shorts, Awards, and Filmmaker Q&A

Continuing the tradition of KIFF's roots, our annual local/regional shorts program is last, but certainly not least, to cap off our marathon day of films. With yet another year of record-breaking submissions, this year's shorts program will play 13 films representing 13 filmmakers from all over the region, including 4 Klamath locals, and 2 outside filmmakers whose films were shot in the region (Sacramento, CA's Brad Douglas shot "The Settling" primarily at Crescent and Odell Lakes in Klamath County, and the Bend, Oregon Natural Desert Association film by Michelle Alvarado shot "Sagebrush Sisters" in the Hart Mountain region of Lake County).

The program will be in two parts, with a brief intermission, and festival winning films will be announced and awarded to the filmmakers after the show. Lastly, don't miss our last filmmaker Q&A of the night with feature and short filmmakers!

Overall runtime: 1 hour 25 min. + introduction, intermission, awards, and filmmaker Q&A

  • "Cook Free or Die"

    Jared Hail - Medford, OR

    Mike Hite and Dan Navaro are two Oregon grown, metal loving, facial hair wearing, Tattooed badass chefs. Both of these chefs have found balance in their lives through food. Mike and Dan are true Southern Oregonians at heart and source 90% of their fresh ingredients from local Oregon and Northern California farms. Their heart and passion for reinventing and experimenting only scratches the surface of how great these two really are.

    Runtime: 3 min. 42 sec.

  • "Biff and Buster go to the Races"

    Zachary Pearson - Ashland, OR

    A child named Biff takes his imaginary friends to the race track for a super rally race!

    Runtime: 1 min. 01 sec.

  • "Dear Future Self"

    Ray Robison - Medford, OR

    A woman discovers a time capsule she created over 50 years earlier. Included is a recording she made for herself that brings back many memories of who she was and helps her realize who she has become.

    Runtime: 8 min. 35 sec.

  • "The Settling"

    Brad Douglas - Sacramento, CA
    (filmed in Klamath County)

    David Springer has a secret. One that he's been keeping for 5 years. Once happily married with 2 children, his relationship has become a tangled web of lies and deceit. Now at a crossroad, David must make a decision to say goodbye to his past or to his future. In a heart wrenching story of the realities of moving on, The Settling brings you face to face with the devastating effects duplicity has on everyone involved.

    Runtime: 13 min. 14 sec.

  • "Sam Shade Private Eye"

    Taylor Haugen - Klamath Falls, OR
    (student film)

    Comedy. Film Noir in the flavor of the original Sam Spade films of the 1940's and 1950's. This is a short film parody of the original films.

    Runtime: 7 min. 28 sec.

  • "Outside the Box"

    Jesse Widener - Klamath Falls, OR

    Two girls ballet dance and pursue an uncommon encore.

    Runtime: 4 min. 01 sec.

  • "Endurance"

    Bryn Lanning - Ashland, OR

    A hospital patient takes stock of his life while conversing with a terminally ill man.

    Runtime: 7 min. 51 sec.

  • "Sagebrush Sisters"

    Michelle Alvarado of Bend, OR
    (filmed in Lake County)

    Join three intrepid women, from ages 65 to 80, as they hike more than 50 miles following a pronghorn migration path across the high desert. The Greater Hart-Sheldon Region on the Oregon-Nevada border, traversing Lake County, is a wildlife stronghold in the sagebrush sea. These women hope to keep it that way.

    Runtime: 7 min. 11 sec.

  • "Silent Destiny"

    Ryan Niemi - Klamath Falls, OR

    The apocalypse had to catch up with us eventually.

    Runtime: 5 min. 30 sec.

  • "Ruggers"

    Alison Hoffman - Ashland, OR

    The story of how Southern Oregon University's rugby team began, and how the sport changed each Rugger's life.

    Runtime: 6 min. 55 sec.

  • "Windows"

    Alexander Ibarra - Klamath Falls, OR
    (student film)

    A short, silent film about taking in the sights and gazing up at the sky. Filmed in the oak filled landscapes of Klamath Falls to the sunny beaches of California and Mexico.

    Runtime: 5 min. 25 sec.

  • "Matches"

    Piers Dennis - Ashland, OR

    Music video for Slow Corpse's hit single, "Matches".

    Runtime: 4 min. 12 sec.

  • "Loggers: Earth's Unsung Heroes"

    David Kirk West - Medford, OR

    Loggers: Earth's Unsung Heroes is a documentary short film that I made about just how incredible wood is as a renewable resource, and how equally incredible the men who risk their lives to bring it to us are.

    Runtime: 10 min. 13 sec.



No pass required. Preference given to filmmakers. See description.

9:00am - Chamber of Commerce/Discover Klamath Reception

The Klamath Chamber of Commerce is our designated film liason, and Discover Klamath is the official tourism agency of Klamath Falls. Both are located in the same building at 205 Riverside Drive. The Chamber and Discover Klamath will provide a light breakfast reception, with informational materials, and be on hand to answer questions. We will load up for the tour at the Chamber/Discover Klamath afterward.

10:00am - Filmmaker's Tour

Join us for a Filmmaker's Tour of Klamath...a chartered tour of film locations unique to Klamath Falls such as the 2 Lazy K Ranch, Klamath Yacht Club, Amtrak Station, Kiger Stadium, the Baldwin Hotel, and the Oregon Institute of Technology (see below).

Seating is very limited, so RSVP ASAP. Please do not RSVP if you aren't sure you will make the tour as there aren't enough seats available for "place holding". Preference will be given to out-of-town filmmakers, limit two per party (significant other, or film partner). If you have more than two in your party or are local, we will ask you to follow along in your own vehicle if enough seats are not available. Depending on demand, this event may become first come first served, on the day of the tour.

*Please note some locations are privately owned and/or with special permission at the owner's convenience. Last minute changes to the tour may occur.


2 Lazy K Ranch

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video ought to fill an encyclopedia with description of this gorgeous sprawling 400+ acre Klamath ranch in a valley surrounded by pine-forrested mountains, complete with lilypad pond, white rail fence and 6000 sq ft ranch house:

Klamath Yacht Club

This unique 2-story, half-round building features an upper mezzanine lounge and nautical decor, including a bar fashioned from the hull of a sailboat. The Club docks dozens of boats from sailing to powered, on Klamath Lake, the largest lake by surface area in Oregon. Boats will be removed from the water by our October tour, but we think the location is still definitely worth the look.

(click images to see slideshow)

Amtrak Station and Rail Yard

We have a small Amtrak station, but it's well kept, and if you need the wooden pews, analog clock, old vending machine type train station, we have you covered. We will view the rail yard briefly as well. Both freight and passenger trains pass through here, throughout Klamath, and in various scenic areas of Klamath County. There is a particularly appealing angle from a nearby overpass looking down over the rail yard. In the distance at night can be seen the streetlit warehouse district of this area. Please note renovations are currently underway outside the station.

(click images to see slideshow)

Kiger Stadium

This beautiful independent league baseball stadium is the only all wooden baseball stadium in the country West of the Mississippi. Home to the Klamath Falls Gems and occasional tournaments. As October is possibly out of season for the stadium, we are hoping the greens will be kept up.

(click images to see slideshow)

Baldwin Hotel

Originally built as a hardware store in 1905, George Baldwin expanded his store into a hotel and business center ahead of the coming railroad. Also once the home and studio to his daughter, photographer Maude Baldwin, each room of the hotel has a uniquely different character reflecting the people and businesses they once housed, including Maude's room and period cameras.

(click images to see slideshow)

Oregon Institute of Technology

The only public polytechnic university in the Pacific Northwest, OIT's focus is hands-on education in technology and sciences. The first school in North America to offer a bachelor's degree in renewable energy, OIT is heated entirely by geothermal energy, which also powers an on-site geothermal power plant (the first in the state). In conjunction with a 9 acre solar array (one of the largest in the state, and the largest campus array in the country), OIT is essentially self-powered.

We will tour OIT's DOW medical center, the solar array, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, and additional buildings if time permits. OIT also has on-site broadcast studio facilities, though we will be unable to gain access for this tour.

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