The next Klamath Film regular monthly meeting will be Thursday February 6, 6-8pm in the banquet room of The Waffle Hut at 106 South 6th Street in Klamath Falls.

Klamath Film Hires New Executive Director. Click Here for details

Why Klamath Film?

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For Aspiring & Experienced Filmmakers

Klamath Film's growing membership is a great way to connect with other aspiring and experienced filmmakers to network, learn, share knowledge, and get involved with current film productions. Our members range from amateur filmmakers, cast, and crew to those with Hollywood experience.

If you are looking for film work, need to find cast and crew for your production, or want to help Klamath's film industry grow, we are your connecting point. Our networking partners and supporters include business, tourism, government, and arts organizations locally all the way up to the state level.

Members also have access to Klamath Film's basic filmmaking equipment...a great opportunity for new filmmakers who may not have their own gear...and discounts on tickets to all Klamath Film shows and events including the Klamath Independent Film Festival.

All interests and experience levels are welcome to attend a monthly networking meeting to see what we're all about. Check the site for meeting dates, connect with us on social media, or better yet...sign up for our monthly email newsletter to be notified of meetings, events and opportunities as they come up!

Great locations and hassle-free filming!

Klamath County has epic landscapes from nearly 10,000 foot snow-capped mountains to alpine forests, high desert, lakes, waterfalls, canyons, rivers and rapids, and Oregon's only national park: the volcanic Crater Lake. Klamath Falls, the county seat, is a sprawling city of 40,000+ with vintage residential and commercial architecture to newer structures such as those at OregonTech and the SkyLakes Medical Center.

The rail system passes through Klamath, with a retro train station and a major train yard/depot. Passenger or freight train...take your pick. We have 300 days of sunshiney shooting bliss, yet we can have some of the most spectacular lightning storms. Picturesque sprawling ranches? We have those too. And a ski resort. Our winters can look like Fargo, but without the bitter cold and just a couple feet of snow. Catch a string of dry days in the heart of winter and every millimeter around you will be coated in an otherworldly glistening white hoarfrost.

What's the best part? How about no red tape, a community welcoming you in, super affordable food and lodging for your cast and crew, and we are just off the beaten path. Access to Klamath is easy, yet you can shoot around people as if they aren't here. Our world is your palette!

Klamath Independent Film Festival

The Klamath Independent Film Festival is the only Oregon-centric, all-genre film festival in the state (and thus the world!). We receive more Oregon film submissions than any other festival and dedicate 2 1/2 days in September to showcasing the shorts and features of Oregon filmmakers and/or films shot in Oregon. This is the film festival to experience the flavor of Oregon independent filmmaking. For Oregonians it is also the joy, excitement, and pride of seeing our state on screen...the places we live, know, and love.

For filmmakers, this is the best way to see a visual tour of shooting possibilities in the state. It's also the best opportunity to meet and network with other filmmakers from around the state and gain invaluable contacts we are likely to use again and again as we each continue to make Oregon our filming home.

Our varied panel of programmers takes care to select a wide program with something for everyone to enjoy. This is a festival of all genres for all tastes, and our audience's enthusiasm and rave reviews reflect the awesome concoction we come up with each year. For more information on this year's festival, click here. Mark it on your calendars and join us for yet another bigger, better, banner year!

The Impact of Film

Oregon has produced hundreds of Hollywood films and commercials as part of its vital and growing film industry, but Klamath is largely untapped. The Hollywood produced “Brother Nature” of a few years back brought $700,000 into our local economy, demonstrating the potential impact of filming in Klamath.

Filmmaking employs a wide range of industries from those directly related to film production, to food catering, lodging, print/marketing, and more. Film activity itself supports a region's arts and culture and raises the community profile positively as a destination for tourism, relocation for businesses, and residency. A single film can drive tourism perpetually if it reaches a certain level of popular status, such as Oregon coast's Astoria cult favorite “The Goonies”, which has attracted visitors to the city for decades.

Klamath Film is overseeing a wide range of initiatives to build, support, and sustain an active filmmaking industry in Klamath. Our Klamath Independent Film Festival was instrumental in bringing a recent 6-figure independent feature to Klamath. We also believe in the positive impact of exposing our community to the arts, for which we program additional film events for Klamath audiences year-round. To support the film arts in Klamath while being entertained, check out the "Shows & Events Presented by Klamath Film" below!


Klamath Film coordinates HGTV submission

Klamath Film submits for HGTV program Klamath Film members came together in remarkable time to complete in less than a week a video production to potentially bring big things to Klamath Falls. Klamath Film member David Kirk West, working in collaboration with several members...

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2020 Oscar® Nominated Shorts

5 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 8, 2020 at Pelican Cinema, 2643 Biehn St., in Klamath Falls, Ore. This is a special opportunity to see the short films nominated for the upcoming 2020 Oscars. These films don’t tend to show in theaters or be easily available...

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Klamath Film Names Kurt Liedtke as New Executive Director

Liedtke, a Eugene native with 12 years of experience working in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles through various roles in music, film, social media and video games, has worked for two newspaper publications in Southern Oregon -- the Lake County Examiner and the...

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January 2020

Jan 23 - Klamath Film monthly membership meeting at Waffle Hut in Klamath Falls 6-8pm

February 2020

Feb 6 - Klamath Film monthly membership meeting at Waffle Hut in Klamath Falls 6-8pm

Feb 8 - 2020 Oscar-nominated Short Films at Pelican Cinema 5-8pm

2019 Shows & Events Presented by Klamath Film

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