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KIFF 2015

Klamath's 3rd annual festival expanded to include films shot predominately in our eligible region, showing 19 films by 16 filmmakers, and drawing our best crowd yet, with nearly half our audience coming from out of town.

Approx. 98 minutes + Q&A with the filmmakers, followed by a reception for the filmmakers with refreshments provided by Klamath Film Makers Group and Sharky's Shack Restaurant.

  1. Covet Thy Neighbor


    Ron Huffstutter - Ashland, Oregon

    A man leaves the city to find business prospects in a small town.

    Film trailer shown as a special mention, as KIFF 2015's time slot didn't leave room for the full length film.

  2. The Boy Who Lures


    Genna Taylor - Klamath Falls, Oregon

    A short horror film about a girl who starts seeing paranormal activity.

    Shown as a special mention, as KIFF 2015 did not have a kids filmmaker category.

  3. Bed in the Clouds


    Piers Dennis/Max Miller - Ashland, Oregon

    A couple wakes up in the back of a speeding truck, with no memory of how they got there.

  4. Breach


    Sean Thomas - Medford, Oregon

    Two special forces agents conduct a surprise rescue operation for a hostage.

  5. Prowler


    Randy Granstrom - Medford, Oregon

    A teenage girl is stalked by an unseen force.

  6. Lost/Forgotton


    Ryan Niemi - Klamath Falls, Oregon

    Low water behind Hyatt Dam reveals forest remnants previously submerged for 90 years.

  7. Impending Sale


    Ray Robison - Medford, Oregon

    A son brings home an unexpected guest, but the next sets disasterous actions into play.

  8. Psychosis


    Remington Henderson - Klamath Falls, Oregon

    A woman's delusions & hallucinations question her sanity in this excerpt from Henderson's film.

  9. The Inspiration of Children


    Kristan Williams - Talent, Oregon

    A short documentary about three parents and their children who inspire them.

  10. State of Jefferson


    David West - Medford, Oregon

    The mythical state famous for its beautiful scenery and desire to secede.

  1. Necrotic


    Ross Williams - Talent, Oregon

    A woman bitten by a zombie descends into madness.

  2. Damn, What a Dame


    Michelle Branch - Ashland, Oregon

    She's everything a man wants, but is she worth the pain?

  3. The Fly's Bloody Revenge


    Richard Jensen - Ashland, Oregon

    When you try to kill a fly, make damn sure you finish the job.

  4. Occam's Razor

    Jury Runner Up - $100 Amazon card

    David West - Medford, Oregon

    Darkly comedic paranoid thriller into the mind of a hardcore consiracy theorist.

  5. The Land Between

    Jury 2nd Runner Up - $50 Amazon card

    Michelle Alvarado - Bend, Oregon

    A remote, yet beautiful, place where two wildlife refuges give security to diverse life.

  6. I Never Can


    Mig Windows/Rory Owens - Ashland, Oregon

    An unfaithful young man regrets his promise to never leave his girlfriend.

  7. I'm Not Jessica


    Randy Granstrom - Medford, Oregon

    A brother and sister, home alone, are visited by a demon.

  8. Not a Bench

    Jury Grand Prise - $250 cash prize

    Mig Windows - Ashland, Oregon

    A young man meets an eccentric girl who takes him on a strange romantic journey.

  9. Infinite Light - trailer


    Ryan Niemi - Klamath Falls, Oregon

    A documentary following the journey of several Southern Oregon landscape photographers.

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