Klamath Film coordinates HGTV submission

Klamath Film submits for HGTV program

Klamath Film members came together in remarkable time to complete in less than a week a video production to potentially bring big things to Klamath Falls.

Klamath Film member David Kirk West, working in collaboration with several members and community leaders, in a matter of days managed to compile right before deadline a video submission for the upcoming HGTV new show, “Home Town Takeover.”

The program expands on HGTV’s current hit “Home Town” to consider a downtown area of a rural community with a population of less than 40,000 for a series of possible building renovations in a six-episode initial season.

The program submission highlighted historic residences, businesses and scenic views of downtown Klamath Falls matched with interviews from community leaders and business owners, in part incorporating footage from a similar previous production highlighting positive aspects of Klamath Falls completed by Zach Putnam.

HGTV is currently reviewing submissions to determine which city will be featured for season one of “Home Town Takeover.”

Check out the Herald&News’ coverage of Klamath Film’s efforts for HGTV.

The complete video by David Kirk West:

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