Klamath Film needs your help

Fundraiser launched in wake of COVID-19 financial impacts

From the Klamath Film executive director:

It has been a difficult year for all, arts organizations included. We so desperately want to continue our mission to serve the Klamath Basin, but have been forced to cancel or suspend numerous planned events amid lockdowns and crowd restrictions, impacting Klamath Film’s revenue.

Undaunted, we strive onward, determined to offer events that support our community and youth; such as our first annual online film fellowship for youth this August, the eighth annual Klamath Independent Film Festival in September, and special film showcases as well as our monthly educational film meetings.

Our organization is dedicated to serving the Klamath Basin. We promote and support local filmmaking for the Basin’s cultural and economic benefit.

We cannot do this alone – it takes a village to support each other. We need your help. As a 501c3, all donations and sponsorships are tax-deductible. Please consider supporting any of Klamath Film’s various efforts through a donation.


To become a sponsor of Klamath Film events, please contact us at info@klamathfilm.org.

Or become a Klamath Film member for $25/year, and enjoy all the benefits that come from membership. For more information please visit www.klamathfilm.org.

Thank you,

Kurt Liedtke
Executive Director
Klamath Film

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