Netflix premieres new documentary series featuring Klamath director Skye Borgman

“Trial By Media” now available on Netflix

After the 2019 documentary “Abducted in Plain Sight” struck a chord with audiences after earning a spot on the Netflix streaming platform, Klamath Falls native Skye Borgman has returned with another true crime documentary available now on Netflix.

“Trial By Media” is a new six-part series produced by George Clooney and Jeffrey Toobin in the true crime genre – highlighting trials that gained national media attention, and in doing so may have impacted the trial’s outcome.

Borgman, now head of Top Knot Films in Los Angeles and a professor of film at USC, directed one episode of the series – episode 2 titled “Subway Vigilante” highlighting the 1984 trial of Bernard Goetz. The approximately hour-long documentary looks at vigilante justice and the national conversation about self defense, gun rights and racially-motivated crimes that began in the wake of Goetz’ trial.

“It’s a great honor to be working alongside such talented storytellers and I love how all six episodes feed into and enhance one another,” Borgman told the Herald and News. “We all had a lot of freedom to tell our story the way we wanted to tell it, but my job doesn’t really change. Because Trial by Media is an anthology series, the overall story arc is much more nuanced and flexible than we might be dealing with if we were telling one trial over the course of multiple episodes, so it’s themes rather than plot lines that tie the series together.”

Support a Klamath grown filmmaker, check out “Trial By Media” now available on Netflix.

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