Cast / Crew needed for upcoming Southern Oregon films

Open casting call continues through early April for two upcoming films

Pre-production is ramping up for several films scheduled to shoot in Klamath County and surrounding areas in 2021 – and two are currently seeking applicants to work on the films as cast members, extras and crew.

Experience is not necessary to apply for the open casting calls. Actors/extras need to provide a headshot and contact info. Film productions are also seeking contractor services in a wide variety of categories such as security, catering, set construction, trucking, tents, port-a-potty rental, costumes and hair/makeup, private lands and locations to use for film production, animals, COVID testing, and more.

If interested in possibly providing equipment/services for films please contact Klamath Film at to be added to our resource directory.




Location/Shoot Dates: NorCal at the California/Oregon border, 4/25-4/29

Rate: SAG-AFTRA Deferred + copy/credit/meals. Lodging provided. SAG gas reimbursement for talent driving from out of town. Production will be following industry COVID protocols.

Synopsis: 1873: After the Modoc tribe wins a crushing victory over the US Army, Captain Jack, leader of the Modoc, must maneuver the tense peace negotiations that follow or risk the extinction of his tribe.


CAPTAIN JACK – Male / Lead / Native American / 35 – 40. Captain Jack is a leader of the Modoc. He has tried to make peace but left the Klamath Reservation after his requests for help went unanswered. He is thin, plagued by stomach aches, but proud and stubborn. He led most of the Modoc Tribe off the reservation and has stood up for the tribe. For this reason, he has been chosen to lead the war party. He cares about the people of his tribe above all else and struggles for peace. Talent will be expected to learn some of the Maklak language. Talent must be comfortable performing in fight scenes and will fire a revolver. Works approx. 4 days.

SCHONCHIN JOHN – Male / Lead / Native American / 50 – 59. Schonchin John is the son of the old chief and in another world he would be leading the war party. He sees no use in talking peace with white men. When he was young, he was with a village of Modoc that Ben Wright, a white man, rode into carrying a white flag before pulling out a gun and ambushing the Modoc. He was one of only five to survive the massacre. He carries that experience with him and colors his decisions towards violence. Talent will be expected to learn some of the Maklak language. Preferably can ride a horse – please note in submission if so. Talent must be comfortable performing in fight scenes and will fire a revolver. Works approx. 4 days.

TOBY “WINEMA” RIDDLE – Female / Lead / Native American / 20 – 30. Winema is Jack’s cousin, given to a white man named Frank Riddle as a little girl. Alfred Meacham, the current chair of the Peace Commission, enacted a policy that made her an honest woman and married her to Frank. For this, she feels indebted to Meacham and has agreed to be his interpreter during the peace talks despite the danger. She wants peace for the Modocs and to keep Meacham safe. She just hasn’t realized how hard either of these goals will be to achieve yet. Talent will be expected to learn some of the Maklak language. Works approx. 4 days.

CURLEY HEADED DOCTOR – Male / Supporting / Native American / 40 – 49. Curley Headed Doctor is a religious leader of the Modoc People. He has performed rituals he believes make the Modoc incapable of death in war with the U.S and has staked his life on them, literally. If a doctor’s medicine. doesn’t do what he says it does, the Modoc believe it is their right to kill the doctor who said it would. He doesn’t believe in Jack’s ideas of assimilation and compromise, preferring to trust in the ways of their ancestors and defeat the white men in battle. Talent will be expected to learn some of the Maklak language. Works approx. 1 day.

Additional roles: GENERAL CANBY – Male / Lead / Caucasian / 50 – 59. Canby has been appointed Commander of the Pacific Northwest. He has made many treaties with Native tribes and believes he can do so here. Tall and quiet but physically imposing, he has been criticized by President Grant for “not being aggressive enough.” Genuinely good-intentioned, both his pride and his fear that Modoc victory would result in other tribes rising against the army hinder his negotiations. In the massacre scene, the Modoc strip Canby of his clothes because they’re starved for nice clothing leaving Canby in his underwear. Must be comfortable performing in fight scenes. Works approx. 3 days.

ALFRED MEACHAM – Male / Lead / Caucasian / 45 – 49. The peace commission is Meacham’s baby. He’s convinced President Grant that talk is cheaper than bullets, and for it he’s been appointed Chair of the Commission. He’s known Jack for a long time and is heavily anti-war. He always wears a suit and is deeply religious. He tries his best to understand the Modoc point-of-view and temper Canby’s worst instincts. Must be comfortable performing in fight scenes. Works approx. 4 days.

FRANK RIDDLE – Male / Supporting / Caucasian / 30 – 39. Poor, bearded and unkempt, Frank came to the West in search of gold and somehow ended up with a young Modoc girl instead. Then Meacham gave him an ultimatum: marry her or give her up. He chose marriage. He taught Toby English and she taught him Modoc. And now he finds himself an unlikely ally for the U.S. in a war. Between him and his wife, Meacham feels they have two reliable interpreters. He’s still not sure about this but he knows the Modoc to be good people and he trusts his wife with his life. Talent will likely be expected to learn some of the Maklak language. Works approx. 1 day.

CORPORAL HOLLIS – Male / Supporting / Caucasian / 25 – 35. Hollis is a soldier. If his orders are to take the stronghold then it will be taken, even if it means he gets a bullet doing it. The men around him are scared, and so is he, but he must push on anyway. He knows the Army can’t win but his orders forbid him from giving up the charge. Must be comfortable performing in fight scenes. Works approx. 1 day.

To submit for a role send a headshot and resume to


The film is also seeking the following:

Regional film crew
Equipment rental
Use of three horses
Civil War-era U.S. Army uniforms and Native American costumes
Tent rental
Local catering (gluten free and vegetarian options being available preferred)
Private lands resembling the Lava Beds where explosives and firearms could be used to simulate a battle


“White Knuckle Driving”


Production Type: Independent COMEDY film
Project length: Short Film (5-8 minutes)
Production location: Grants Pass, Oregon
Compensation: Small but negotiable. (Lots of free food!!!)

Synopsis: “Middle-aged couple recently purchased a motorhome only to find out that a nice floor plan isn’t the only thing to be considered when buying an RV! This vehicle is a weapon of mass destruction on the freeway. It handles like a whale on wheels! Most people like surprises but this isn’t one of them! What can be done to help these people in this dangerous situation? Well, have no fear, SuperSteer is here!

MALE – AGE: 45-65
FEMALE – AGE: 40-55

April 5, 2021 1 – 5 p.m.
April 6, 2021 1 – 5 p.m.

Call Backs: April 12

If interested, you must submit in order to be considered.
(1) Name
(2) Age
(3) Cell # for texting
(4) Two recent photos of yourself. (one close up and one full body) Professional photos are not necessary. Cell phone photos will work.
(6) Email the information Director/Producer/Casting: Rich Scott Email:




“The Golden Age” Casting Call (Paid; Non-Union)
Production Description: Casting actors for independent feature film “The Golden Age,” a slice-of-life comedy/drama which follows a group of elderly superheroes living together in a retirement home. Stripped of their pride and superpowers, they must face their greatest adversary of all: Retirement.
The Omega Man: Male, 55+
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities
The world’s first superhero, who’s inspired a generation of heroes to follow in his footsteps. Though he was once a celebrity, he’s now a crippled old man, who’s been deprived of his powers. In his final years, he yearns for one last chance to save humanity, as he fights for truth, justice, and the American way.
The Militia Man: Male, 55+
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities
Nazi killer, action movie star, womanizer, American icon…He’s done it all. As a war veteran, he represents the best of this country’s ideals, including freedom from oppression and tyranny. As a true patriot, he’ll stop at nothing to maintain his freedom…Even if it means rebelling against the nursing home itself.
She-Woman: Female, 55+
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities
A goddess of ancient Egyptian folklore, once worshipped by her people for battling ancient demons and tyrannical gods. Though she’s lost her immortality, she’s kept her razor-sharp wit and fiery temper, which is enough to defeat whatever villains might stand in her way.
Mothman: Male, 55+
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities
A gothic crusader, draped in black and gray, with only the shadows as his accomplice. For decades, he’s been a centerpiece of midwestern folklore, whose mere existence has been called into question. When he’s not delivering dramatic monologues to the rooftops at night, he can be found bewailing his tragic (and heavily cliched) backstory.
Skunkboy: Male, 55+
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities
A parody of D-list superheroes, scarcely remembered from the pages of comic book history. Like a real skunk, he’s often underestimated until he unleashes his toxic fart powers, which are formidable enough to defeat the strongest of supervillains. This makes him a powerful ally, and an even more powerful enemy.
Literally Satan: Male, 55+
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities
Yes, he’s Literally Satan, the devil incarnate, the master of all evil. Since he’s the only “supervillain” living in the nursing home, he loves playing pranks on the other superheroes…That is, until he’s diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, and the others are forced to watch him succumb to his illness.
Nurse Nina: Female, 25 – 35
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities
A kind-hearted nurse who’s stuck working at the nursing home 12-to-15 hours a day for minimum wage. She spends all her time cleaning up after the old folks and making sure they stay out of trouble, which is obviously easier said than done. To her, it’s not just a job, but a means of giving back to an older generation.
Dr. Claremont: Female, 30 – 55
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities
The owner of the nursing home, who makes sure the old folks are taken care of, in every facet of everyday life. Even when she’s not there, her presence is felt throughout the entire movie, as she oversees their day-to-day operations, and makes sure their business is running smoothly.
Nurse Hugo: Male, 25 – 35
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities
Like the other nurses, Nurse Hugo is a hard-working nurse who’s stuck working at the nursing home 12-to-15 hours a day for minimum wage. Some might consider him “bossy” or “strict,” but he’ll stop at nothing to maintain order in the nursing home, rather than letting the old folks descend into chaos. (Spoiler alert: They descend into chaos.)
Desmond: Female, 35 – 55
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities
The daughter of Literally Satan, and the closest thing the film has to a true villain. Her father’s now a sick old man, but that doesn’t stop her from neglecting and abusing him, hoping to make him pay for his crimes against humanity. Her icy demeanor and hunger for power is menacing enough to oppress the literal devil himself.
All roles will be given $100 per day.
The final film will be submitted to film festivals all over the world, including Sundance, Palm Springs, Slamdance, etc., with the intention of finding a distribution deal.
This posting is only open to those who are living in Southern Oregon, or those who are willing to film in Grants Pass/Medford, Oregon. Sorry, no travel or lodging.
Prior acting experience preferred, but not required.
We will be filming from May to June. Most of the shooting will be done on the weekends to accommodate cast and crew who might be working full-time.
Must be committed to working 8 hours per shoot day. Must be punctual, trustworthy, easy to communicate with, and eager to learn their lines in a timely manner.
This movie is a celebration of old age, which means we are not going to shy away from things like wrinkles and gray hair, but instead revel in them.
If you meet all of these requirements, please send an email to
In the subject line of the email, please include your full name, plus which character you’re most interested in auditioning for. For instance: “John Doe – The Omega Man.”
Please send headshots and a resume of all your acting jobs, including film, television, radio, stage, web series, and so on.
If possible, please attach a demo reel and/or a scene you’ve acted in. Google Drive links, Vimeo links, and YouTube links are acceptable.
Auditions will be taking place over ZOOM.
If you are chosen for an audition, you will be sent a date, time, and link for your Zoom audition. All you need is a working webcam with decent audio!
If you haven’t gotten a reply, please do NOT send a follow-up email.

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