Klamath Film adds three new board members

Joyce Dickens, Bowen Browder elected to one-year terms by membership. George Tyson added for three-year term

In addition to the Board of Directors members appointed to three-year terms, Klamath Film bylaws also include an annual election of two board positions based on nomination and final vote by active Klamath Film members.

A vote was held digitally in October open to active Klamath Film members. The results are in, and Joyce Dickens and Bowen Browder have been elected as the two individuals to fill the one-year elected positions for 2022.

Joyce Dickens and Bowen Browder will serve on the Board and Klamath Film sub-committees through November 2022, helping to lead Klamath Film in its various endeavors including the 10th annual Klamath Independent Film Festival in September, the annual summer Youth Film Fellowship, various film screenings and community outreach projects. Bowen and Joyce replace Nick Alexander and Wayne Sweat, who were elected to one-year terms in 2021. Wayne Sweat has transitioned to a three-year position on the Board of Directors.

Joyce Dickens is an accomplished photographer based in Klamath Falls, and a regular at Klamath Film meetings. Bowen Browder is a recent graduate of Oregon Tech and an aspiring actor for on-stage and film work.

For a complete list of Klamath Film board members please visit https://klamathfilm.org/members-board/

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