Klamath Falls-raised director’s new film makes Hulu debut

“Dead Asleep” makes its streaming debut on Hulu

The latest documentary film created by Director Skye Borgman, who grew up in Klamath Falls, debuted on Hulu on Dec. 16.

Dead Asleep” is the latest work by acclaimed Director Skye Borgman, a professor of film at USC and renowned director who grew up in Klamath Falls. The film began streaming on Hulu as of Dec. 16. Her previous film, “Abducted in Plain Sight,” was a huge hit in the true crime documentary genre streaming on Netflix.

The film explores a murder and trial involving a couple, of which the plaintiff claims that he commit the murder while sleepwalking as his defense. The film explores the science behind sleepwalking and capable activities while an individual is asleep, those involved in the incident, and the murder trial.

Borgman graduated from Klamath Union High School in Klamath Falls and pursued a career in theater before transferring to a life behind the camera. She has worked on numerous documentary films, but has recently earned great accolades for her work in the true crime genre of documentary filmmaking thanks to her film “Abducted in Plain Sight,” as well as directing an episode in the film series “Trial By Media” (2020), available via streaming on Netflix.

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